Starbucks in Annapolis

122 Main Street, Annapolis, Maryland
OPENED: 1/9/2018, PHOTO: 3/14/2018

This relocation is absolutely beautiful, with custom murals and also a designation as a military family store!

1901 West Street, Annapolis, Maryland
OPENED: 12/22/2006, PHOTO: 2/18/2007

Annapolis Harbour, Annapolis, Maryland
OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 3/22/2001

I am sooo stupid. I jotted down some interesting things about this store on a scrap of newspaper, but I forgot to write down which store it was. So months later I could not remember, and I tossed the notes. Well, at least I remember one thing--the store has a large mirror atop the fireplace. It is also a fairly large and comfortable store.

Annapolis Mall - North, Annapolis, Maryland
OPENED: 12/14/2007, PHOTO: 4/4/2008

Annapolis Mall Central Hall, Annapolis, Maryland
OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 5/18/2005

As you can see, this location is not a kiosk.

Waugh Chapel Town Centre, Rte. 3, Gambrills, Maryland
OPENED: 9/7/2012, PHOTO: 11/26/2012

Severna Park, Severna Park, Maryland
OPENED: 5/20/2011, PHOTO: 12/2/2011

This store, which is larger than I would have expected (to accomodate the traffic between Annapolis and Glen Burnie), has as radically different exterior, as you can see. But you'll have to visit to see the large conference room, which can be closed off which sliding doors, and the mural that highlights the store's partnership with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. Wait, no, no need to travel to Maryland--just click 'more'.