Starbucks in Buffalo

Williamsville, Main Street, , New York
OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 11/10/1999

Amherst, Sheridan and N. Bailey, Amherst, New York
OPENED: 2/18/2017, PHOTO: 5/19/2017


Niagara Falls Blvd, Amherst, New York
OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 7/18/2010, ORIGINAL VISIT: 11/10/1999


The Commons, SUNY Buffalo, Amherst, New York
OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 3/14/2001

Williamsville Place, Amherst, New York
OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 4/29/2005

This is another one of those stores with a "hallway of despair". Imagine yourself craving Starbucks more than anything in the world, screeching to a stop in a parking space, and rushing up to the door only to discover... a long, long hallway leading up to the register. Do you have the energy to traverse the distance? Do you???

Hamburg, Blasdell, New York
OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 11/13/2010, ORIGINAL VISIT: 11/10/1999

235 Delaware Ave, Buffalo, New York
OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 11/10/1999

Delaware & Kenmore, Buffalo, New York
OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 7/24/2005, ORIGINAL VISIT: 11/29/2003

Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo, New York
OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 5/9/2010, ORIGINAL VISIT: 11/10/1999


Cheektowaga, Cheektowaga, New York
OPENED: 10/9/2015, PHOTO: 4/29/2016

I'm not 100% sure, but this might be the only Starbucks in the United States located DIRECTLY across from an airport.

Walden & Anderson, Cheektowaga, New York
OPENED: 3/31/2006, PHOTO: 5/22/2007, ORIGINAL VISIT: 3/4/2007

OMG, I cannot even begin to descibe how much I hate some of the baristas who were working at this store on Thursday, June 4, 2009.

Walden Galleria, Cheektowaga, New York
OPENED: 10/31/2013, PHOTO: 12/5/2013

Depew, Transit Road, Depew, New York
OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 8/13/2002

This location displays photos of the staff and their favorite drinks.

East Amherst, East Amherst, New York
OPENED: 10/2/2006, PHOTO: 11/14/2008, ORIGINAL VISIT: 3/4/2007

Lancaster, Regal Center, Lancaster, New York
OPENED: 9/12/2014, PHOTO: 2/20/2015

Fashion Outlets of Niagara Falls, Niagara Falls, New York
OPENED: 9/27/2013, PHOTO: 12/5/2013


Niagara Falls Boulevard, Niagara Falls, New York
OPENED: 7/11/2014, PHOTO: 8/10/2014, ORIGINAL VISIT: 7/20/2014


Eastview Plaza, Williamsville, New York
OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 11/10/1999

Williamsville, Main St., Williamsville, New York
OPENED: 4/15/2019, PHOTO: 4/19/2019

This relocation is now the largest store in Upstate New York!

Closed Stores
CLOSED - Galleria Dr. Cheektowaga
CLOSED - 18 February 2011 University Plaza
CLOSED - 28 October 2013 Walden Galleria [OLD]
CLOSED - 02 January 2009 Lockport
CLOSED - 25 September 2009 East Aurora
CLOSED - 22 May 2009 Walden Galleria Mall - In Line

Licensed Stores (Not Operated by Starbucks or Their Primary Partner)
Target - Cheektowaga/Depew T-2191
Target Boulevard Mall T-1010
Hyatt Buffalo
Target - Cheektowaga/Depew T-2191
Target Cheektowaga T- 1014
Teavana - Boulevard Mall
Teavana - Walden Galleria
Target - Buffalo T-1013
Marriott Residence Inn Buffalo