Starbucks in Cincinnati

Blue Ash - Kenwood, Blue Ash, Ohio
OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 5/18/2009

Blue Ash - Reed Hartman Hwy, Blue Ash, Ohio
OPENED: 6/16/2014, PHOTO: 7/16/2014

This store displays a stylised map of Ohio that is filled with the names of cities, in a font size commensurate with each city's size. Also, if you look closely, you'll notice a random log tucked into a corner!!!

4th and Vine, Cincinnati, Ohio
OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 3/28/2001, ORIGINAL VISIT: 3/12/2001


Anderson - Beechmont & Five Mile, Cincinnati, Ohio
OPENED: 6/8/2017, PHOTO: 9/7/2017

Atrium One, Cincinnati, Ohio
OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 3/12/2001

Beechmont & Hamblen, Cincinnati, Ohio
OPENED: 5/18/2007, PHOTO: 5/25/2007

Colerain & I-275, Cincinnati, Ohio
OPENED: 2/22/2008, PHOTO: 6/10/2008

Columbia Parkway, Cincinnati, Ohio
OPENED: ???, PHOTO: ???, ORIGINAL VISIT: 3/28/2001

East Hyde Park, Cincinnati, Ohio
OPENED: ???, PHOTO: ???

Boy, this location has one of the worst parking situations I've seen. I mean, with stores on downtown city blocks where there is no parking, like in Manhattan, at least people know better than to park in front of the store because they will ticketed or towed. But here, people seem to feel comfortable just leaving there cars any which way on that small sliver of a parking area. And the ATM only parking space doesn't help matters.

Eastgate North, Cincinnati, Ohio
OPENED: ???, PHOTO: ???

Glendale Milford & Reading, Cincinnati, Ohio
OPENED: 5/25/2007, PHOTO: 8/5/2007, ORIGINAL VISIT: 5/25/2007

Harper`s Station, Cincinnati, Ohio
OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 11/2/2015


Harrison and Blue Sky, Cincinnati, Ohio
OPENED: 9/28/2015, PHOTO: 11/2/2015


Hyde Park Plaza, Cincinnati, Ohio
OPENED: ???, PHOTO: ???

Kenwood, Cincinnati, Ohio
OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 5/18/2009

Kenwood Towne Center, Cincinnati, Ohio
OPENED: 8/1/2005, PHOTO: 5/25/2007


Loveland-Madeira and Kemper, Cincinnati, Ohio
OPENED: 3/16/2017, PHOTO: 9/7/2017


Mariemont/The Strand, Cincinnati, Ohio
OPENED: ???, PHOTO: ???

Montgomery, Cincinnati, Ohio
OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 5/18/2009


Rookwood Pavillion, Cincinnati, Ohio
OPENED: ???, PHOTO: ???

Skytop Pavilion, Cincinnati, Ohio
OPENED: ???, PHOTO: ???

The 580 Building, Cincinnati, Ohio
OPENED: 4/10/2015, PHOTO: 4/24/2015

This relocation is so much prettier than the original!

Tri-County Mall, Cincinnati, Ohio
OPENED: ???, PHOTO: ???

For some reason, when I returned to this store to replace the photograph I had lost, I could not remember every having been here. I distinctly remember having fought rush hour traffic along I-275 to get to this store, but I've no memory of what the store looked like. I asked if perhaps it had moved since last year, but the baristas working that day said it had always been in the same part of the mall, and later another barista confirmed by e-mail that the store had never moved. I guess it's finally time to stop smoking that crack.

University Square, Cincinnati, Ohio
OPENED: 9/27/2013, PHOTO: 7/16/2014, ORIGINAL VISIT: 12/6/2013

This spectacular relocation has an awesome design that includes decor themed to the city's history in radio, as well as old photographs of Cincinnati and the local area.

Western Hills - Glenway Ave, Cincinnati, Ohio
OPENED: 12/13/2018, PHOTO: 5/27/2019


Dixie Hwy & Stockton Station Ln, Fairfield, Ohio
OPENED: 3/24/2017, PHOTO: 3/15/2018

Dixie Hwy & Symmes, Fairfield, Ohio
OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 10/23/2004

Maybe you can't find a Starbucks in the jungle (yet), but until then, this Jungle Jim's will have to do.

Winton & I 275, Forest Park, Ohio
OPENED: 3/16/2007, PHOTO: 8/5/2007, ORIGINAL VISIT: 5/25/2007

Hamilton - Tylersville Rd, Hamilton, Ohio
OPENED: 1/31/2014, PHOTO: 7/16/2014

If you can figure out what town is depicted in the two large old black and white photographs on the wall, please let me know.

Cin-Day & Yankee, Liberty Township, Ohio
OPENED: 6/29/2007, PHOTO: 8/5/2007

I-75 and Liberty Way, Liberty Township, Ohio
OPENED: 3/23/2016, PHOTO: 6/3/2016


Madeira Crossing, Madeira, Ohio
OPENED: ???, PHOTO: ???

Mason Grand & Kings Mill Rd, Mason, Ohio
OPENED: 10/25/2018, PHOTO: 5/27/2019

Mason Montgomery & Bowen Drive, Mason, Ohio
OPENED: 5/16/2019, PHOTO: 5/27/2019


Milford & I-275, Milford, Ohio
OPENED: 2/27/2019, PHOTO: 5/27/2019


Milford SR 28 II, Milford, Ohio
OPENED: 3/30/2017, PHOTO: 9/7/2017


Oxford - Miami University, Oxford, Ohio
OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 10/27/2009, ORIGINAL VISIT: 5/31/2003

Though small, this store has it's charms, including photos of the area, a signed jersey belonging to one of the U's sports teams, and, of course, an abundance of cute college coeds.

South Lebanon - Rivers Crossing, South Lebanon, Ohio
OPENED: 9/1/2014, PHOTO: 4/24/2015

Though pretty much just following the newer Starbucks design, you can find a custom touch if you look above the condiment bar, an old photograph of a train station. I've seen similar photos throughout new stores in the Midwest, and I wonder if it is the same design team doing them all.

TriCounty Mall DT, Springdale, Ohio
OPENED: 11/6/2015, PHOTO: 12/26/2015


Union Center & Floer, West Chester, Ohio
OPENED: 9/15/2006, PHOTO: 8/5/2007, ORIGINAL VISIT: 5/25/2007

Tylersville & Cox, Westchester, Ohio
OPENED: 11/16/2007, PHOTO: 6/10/2008


Closed Stores
CLOSED - 06 April 2015 Skywalk
CLOSED - McMillan & Clifton
CLOSED - 19 March 2010 Cornell Place
CLOSED - 12 March 2017 Loveland
CLOSED - 27 March 2017 Milford, OH - SR 28
CLOSED - 06 April 2015 Skywalk
CLOSED - 12 May 2019 Mason Montgomery & Irwin Simpson
CLOSED - 12 May 2019 Mason Montgomery & Irwin Simpson

Licensed Stores (Not Operated by Starbucks or Their Primary Partner)
Miami University Ls Withrow Court
Target Cincinnati T-1447
Kroger - Oxford #412
Kroger @ Oxford #412
Kroger Oakley #465
Target Beechmont Area T-1092
Target Fields Ertel T-1091
Target Western Hills T-2488
Teavana - Kenwood Towne Center
Great Wolf Lodge - Mason
Horseshoe Casino-1st Floor Retail
Kroger - Cincinnati #428
Kroger - Cincinnati #944
Kroger - Monfort Heights #370
Kroger-Anderson Township #915
Kroger-Blue Ash #942
Kroger-Cincinnati #304
Kroger-Cincinnati #355
Kroger-Cincinnati #384
Kroger-Cincinnati #421
Kroger-Cincinnati #948
Kroger-Cincinnati, OH #353
Kroger-Cincinnati, OH #418
Kroger-Cincinnati, OH #440
Kroger-Mason #426
Kroger-Mason #448
Kroger-West Chester #919
Maplestreet Station
Marriott Kingsgate Conference Ctr
Meijer - Cincinnati #240
Meijer-Cincinnati #223
Meijer-Cincinnati #224
Meijers-West Chester #147
Target Beechmont Area T-1092
Target Blue Ash T-2557
Target Colerain T-1545
Target Fields Ertel T-1091
Target Liberty Township T-2851
Target Milford T-1393
Target West Chester Township T-1534
Target Western Hills T-2488
U of Cincinnati Student Life Ctr
University of Cincinnati - 2
Xavier University
Kroger Cincinnati #929
Macys Kenwood Towne Center