Starbucks in Michigan Remote Markets

Adrian - Hwy 23 & Division, Adrian, Michigan
OPENED: 6/6/2008, PHOTO: 8/16/2008


Bay City, Bangor Twp, Michigan
OPENED: 10/26/2015, PHOTO: 6/3/2016

This store features a most unusual and beautiful artwork/decoration on a back wall.


Battle Creek, Beckley & I-94, Battle Creek, Michigan
OPENED: 7/21/2006, PHOTO: 5/19/2007

Brighton - W Grand River, Brighton, Michigan
OPENED: 11/14/2008, PHOTO: 5/30/2012, ORIGINAL VISIT: 1/31/2009


Port Huron - 24th Ave, Fort Gratiot, Michigan
OPENED: 9/6/2013, PHOTO: 7/14/2014, ORIGINAL VISIT: 12/2/2013

Be sure to look for the old photographs themed to the nearby lake.

Gaylord-W Main Street, Gaylord, Michigan
OPENED: 9/29/2016, PHOTO: 9/15/2017

Jackson, I-94 and M50, Jackson, Michigan
OPENED: 7/30/2006, PHOTO: 5/19/2007

Gull & Sprinkle, Kalamazoo, Michigan
OPENED: 10/15/2017, PHOTO: 3/21/2018


Kalamazoo - West Main, Kalamazoo, Michigan
OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 9/27/2008, ORIGINAL VISIT: 1/10/2006

This store has a cozy and very pretty little seating area, but with a catch. To enter you have to cross an arch, and that arch is guarded by a coffee troll. He will ask three questions. Answer correctly, and you pass. Answer incorrectly, and... dooooom!

Stadium & Drake, Kalamazoo, Michigan
OPENED: 11/2/2007, PHOTO: 9/27/2008, ORIGINAL VISIT: 12/24/2007

Lapeer Rd & Demille, Lapeer, Michigan
OPENED: 2/29/2008, PHOTO: 8/17/2008

Marquette, MI-Hwy 41 & Hwy 492, Marquette, Michigan
OPENED: 9/22/2006, PHOTO: 8/15/2008

Aw, man! Since Howard Schultz went to school in Marquette, I was expecting some kind of display paying tribute to this, but instead I found a garden-variety store, and this after driving 400 miles to and from the store.

Midland, M-10 & Eastman, Midland, Michigan
OPENED: 1/27/2006, PHOTO: 5/24/2007

It's actually US-10, not M-10 (according to Streets & Trips).

US-127 & Pickard - Mount Pleasant, Mount Pleasant, Michigan
OPENED: 2/23/2007, PHOTO: 5/24/2007

Bay Road & Tittabawassee, Saginaw, Michigan
OPENED: 4/18/2008, PHOTO: 8/17/2008

Yet another juxtaposition of Starbucks and Aspen Dental? Are they trying to tell us something about coffee and teeth?

State & Center, Saginaw, Michigan
OPENED: 10/15/2017, PHOTO: 3/21/2018

These days, even remote Starbucks, like this one in Saginaw, MI, can boast unique, beautiful decorations, like the custom painted mural at this store.