Starbucks in Nashville

Bell Rd - Hickory Hollow, Antioch, Tennessee
OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 9/10/2004

Bellevue - Hwy 100, Bellevue, Tennessee
OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 9/24/2002

Franklin Road, Brentwood, Tennessee
OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 5/9/2018, ORIGINAL VISIT: 3/12/2001


Nolensville & Concord, Brentwood, Tennessee
OPENED: 12/1/2006, PHOTO: 3/26/2007

Old Hickory Blvd & Westpark Dr, Brentwood, Tennessee
OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 10/2/2005

Carothers & Bakers Bridge, Franklin, Tennessee
OPENED: 4/21/2006, PHOTO: 3/26/2007

Coolsprings Galleria, Franklin, Tennessee
OPENED: 5/11/2013, PHOTO: 12/12/2014


Five Points, Franklin, Tennessee
OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 3/26/2007, ORIGINAL VISIT: 3/12/2001

Had I not walked into through the back door, or had I not needed to use the facilities, I might not have noticed the row of mirrors on the wall of the long hallway leading from the front of the store to the back. Besides the mirrors, this store also sports a different style of couch, which resembles a rocking chair, but does not actually rock. I wondered if they were purchased locally, but later on my trip I saw them in another part of the country. Ikea, maybe?

S Royal Oaks at Murfreesboro, Franklin, Tennessee
OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 3/26/2007

Thoroughbred Village, Franklin, Tennessee
OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 3/12/2001

When I asked the pretty young thing behind the bar the purpose of the funny-looking plastic guard that seemed to form a shield between the person working the bar and the customers, she suggested it might be a sneeze-guard. Perhaps, but then why would it be at only two locations (that I've seen so far)? Maybe it's a new thing, but even though I was on the road for three more weeks, I still only saw it at one other store.

Nashville Pike & Hwy 109 Bypass, Gallatin, Tennessee
OPENED: 6/16/2006, PHOTO: 3/26/2007


201 W. Main, Hendersonville, Tennessee
OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 3/12/2001

This store is located in Hendersonville, home to the country stars!

Glenbrook, Hendersonville, Tennessee
OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 3/26/2007, ORIGINAL VISIT: 7/2/2005

Hendersonville Indian Lake, Hendersonville, Tennessee
OPENED: 9/20/2013, PHOTO: 12/12/2014

Andrew Jackson Pkwy @ Lebanon Pike, Hermitage, Tennessee
OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 10/2/2005

Old Hickory & Chandler, Hermitage, Tennessee
OPENED: 11/17/2006, PHOTO: 3/26/2007

I hereby declare this store to have the prettiest patio in all of greater Nashville!

South Cumberland Street, Lebanon, Tennessee
OPENED: 7/18/2014, PHOTO: 12/12/2014


Cude Lane & Gallatin Rd, Madison, Tennessee
OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 9/24/2002

When I visited this store, the Nashville market was testing out a new shaken double-shot drink, which tastes fresher than the canned DoubleShot.

Mt Juliet - Lebanon Rd, Mt Juliet, Tennessee
OPENED: 3/31/2016, PHOTO: 6/1/2017


Mt Juliet Providence Commons, Mt Juliet, Tennessee
OPENED: 1/6/2017, PHOTO: 6/1/2017


Hwy 231 & Innsbrooke, Murfreesboro, Tennessee
OPENED: 8/25/2006, PHOTO: 3/26/2007

Murfreesboro - The Avenue, Murfreesboro, Tennessee
OPENED: 6/13/2014, PHOTO: 12/12/2014

Murfreesboro Memorial, Murfreesboro, Tennessee
OPENED: 3/27/2015, PHOTO: 5/2/2015


Old Fort & Mall Circle, Murfreesboro, Tennessee
OPENED: 2/9/2007, PHOTO: 3/26/2007

Rutherford & Hwy 70, Murfreesboro, Tennessee
OPENED: 10/3/2007, PHOTO: 6/11/2008

2525 West End, Nashville, Tennessee
OPENED: 9/1/2000, PHOTO: 10/2/2005

5th & Church, Nashville, Tennessee
OPENED: ???, PHOTO: ???


Bellevue-Hwy 70, Nashville, Tennessee
OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 9/24/2002

Charlotte Pike & 22nd, Nashville, Tennessee
OPENED: 7/29/2017, PHOTO: 8/20/2017


Charlotte Pike & I-40, Nashville, Tennessee
OPENED: 2/2/2017, PHOTO: 6/1/2017

Hillsboro Pike & Graybar Ln, Nashville, Tennessee
OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 11/14/1999

Despite its bland exterior, this store is spacious and accomodating, with sofas, conference tables aplenty, plus a couple of modem-friendly phone lines make this a perfect pit stop for the weary traveler.

Metrocenter & Dominican, Nashville, Tennessee
OPENED: 12/1/2006, PHOTO: 3/26/2007

Murfreesboro Rd - Nashboro Village, Nashville, Tennessee
OPENED: 4/14/2006, PHOTO: 3/26/2007


Nipper`s Corner, Nashville, Tennessee
OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 3/12/2001

Sweet lord, but that sign is uuuugly! Actually, it's not the Starbucks sign itself, which is, of course, a holy icon, but the combination of the sign and the pattern on the building that is near-sacrilegious.

Opry Mills Kiosk, Nashville, Tennessee
OPENED: 9/14/2012, PHOTO: 12/12/2014

The Mall at Green Hills, Nashville, Tennessee
OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 1/8/2006

Vanderbilt, Nashville, Tennessee
OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 10/2/2005

Don't forget to drop by the nearby Pancake Pantry! Because man can't live on coffee alone.

West End Ave & 30th Ave So, Nashville, Tennessee
OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 10/2/2005

White Bridge @ Harding, Nashville, Tennessee
OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 3/26/2007

Though decorated in the corporate standard style, this store presents a sense of uniqueness as soon as you walk in the door. The walkways and tables are aligned at 45-degree angles in the perfectly rectangular look for a striking effect. Oh, jeez, it wasn't until years later than I noticed the local corporate offices down a long hallway!

I-24 & Sam Ridley Pkwy, Smyrna, Tennessee
OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 7/2/2005

Hwy 31 & Spring Hill Circle, SPRING HILL, Tennessee
OPENED: 1/7/2008, PHOTO: 6/11/2008

Closed Stores
CLOSED - The Mall @ Green Hills
CLOSED - 30 December 2008 Hwy 96 @ Mall Circle Dr.
CLOSED - 30 December 2008 Hwy 96 @ Mall Circle Dr.
CLOSED - 30 December 2008 Stones River Mall
CLOSED - 30 December 2008 Hwy 96 @ Mall Circle Dr.