Starbucks in New York Remote Markets

Cortland, Clinton Ave, Cortland, New York
OPENED: 6/3/2017, PHOTO: 8/26/2017


College Avenue, Ithaca, Ithaca, New York
OPENED: 2/16/2007, PHOTO: 3/2/2007

Yo, Starbucks, why don't you throw the local economy a bone and figure out how to accept Ithaca hours.

Ithaca on The Commons, Ithaca, New York
OPENED: 4/23/2006, PHOTO: 3/2/2007

Many Starbucks around the country display local artwork, but this is the first I have seen that makes a really big deal of it, with "Gallery at Starbucks" painted on a wall.

Jamestown, Jamestown, New York
OPENED: 6/16/2007, PHOTO: 11/14/2008, ORIGINAL VISIT: 2/8/2008

Kingston, Massa Drive, Kingston, New York
OPENED: 8/26/2006, PHOTO: 10/21/2007, ORIGINAL VISIT: 2/25/2007

Lake Placid, Main St, Lake Placid, New York
OPENED: 6/30/2006, PHOTO: 5/29/2007


Middletown, Orange Plaza, Middletown, New York
OPENED: 3/31/2007, PHOTO: 7/19/2010, ORIGINAL VISIT: 5/29/2007

This store, in a former Krispy Kreme (aw, poor Krispy), has an interior of a pastel blue I cannot remember having seen at Starbucks before. I found the color very soothing, and I felt that it was suppressing some of my psychotic urges.

Newburgh, Newburgh, New York
OPENED: 4/12/2012, PHOTO: 6/2/2012


Plattsburgh, Cornelia St., Plattsburgh, New York
OPENED: 7/28/2006, PHOTO: 10/3/2010, ORIGINAL VISIT: 2/22/2007

Queensbury, Queensbury, New York
OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 10/21/2007, ORIGINAL VISIT: 10/21/2005

Watertown, NY, Watertown, New York
OPENED: 2/9/2007, PHOTO: 3/2/2007