Poems About My Project by Florence Givens


It's my name,
It's my game.

I travel far,
I travel near,
I travel to all
the Starbuck's
I do hear.

Some with
Some with
Some with
patrons as
myself, 'Winter'
looking for a
half cup of

Coffee Enthusiasm

Going to towns getting
a rush of the adrenal
whilst sitting down in

Not an obsession but
a namely person is
enthused about the
likes of "Starbucks"
and the visitation of
every one...that he
can muster his time
and strength to visit!

Now to name the
person, some of you
well know he's "Winter"
he travels with great
passion, and drive to
be the one that has
visited the likes of

He confesses his love
of it on his choice

Now that was easy,
will you not say?
and visit 'Winter's'
Website showing
him you care!

" Visits to Starbucks"

There's no way you
can tell the story...
There's someone
ahead of you...

But you're left in
the dust that...
That... that guy
name 'Winter'...
Left behind him...

Yes, I know but
how you're going
to catch up to him?
Do I know how
many Starbucks...
that he has visited
already? Man...

You're going to love
this, they said he...
Has a count online
and what do you know...
I think I know where he
keeps a record...where?

Something or rather like
Wait a minute! You mean
that guy name 'Winter'
shares his world with us?...
You got it kid!

"Everywhere Starbucks"

The essence of traveling...
The beauty of peaceful space...
Let go in a moment of time...
Reaching higher than some...

Sipping a half cup of coffee!
To a mountain of Starbucks...
Enjoying life's real side now...
What desire to put to flight...
All around the world over...

Ask 'Winter' how he does it...
What do you mean he just left?
'Winter,' here's a question for you,
One day I'll catch up to you at
"StarbucksEverywhere.net" and
I might just have a half cup of
coffee with you!

Okay what's the question? Do
you think that the name 'Winter'
does you justice man? Where
did he go? He's out there letting
the crowd know he's bigger than
life and smoother than a cup of
the coffee he drinks!

'Winter' where are you going?
Where the tires roll on to and
where the world will be watch-
ing...and counting the best cup
of coffee ever! Found by 'Winter.'

"Start Up"

Let the dreams feel the vibes
of richness while you visit this
Website...blow pass your cares!

Pull up a chair, sit on a stool
see the fondness of living in
the eyes of 'Winter.' Interview
him by his dream and then...

Start up your love to enhance
this Website by saying you drink
coffee...and leave the traveling
to 'Winter' and the best there is!

For you must be revved to go
when StarbucksEverywhere.net
hits your button...and you say...
bring it on 'Winter!' ...then you
invite yourself to a hot cup of
coffee waiting for his great return
home! And the count goes on!