North Carolina Hates Me

Friday, August 29, 2008

To use a term popularized by the film Tropic Thunder, I declare myself a "retard". I spent much of Thursday making plans for how best to pick up Rebecca and then traverse the DC area without losing time in traffic. We finally settled on Rebecca's having her father drop her off at a bus station from where she would travel to a metro station along the Beltway. It never occurred to me to ask which bus station. Thus, when Rebecca finally called and told me she was up at the Laurel Mall, I grumbled, because I had just passed by the mall minutes earlier. A smart person would have anticipated what I had missed. Instead, I found myself driving 5 miles back up US-1 like a retard.

Ask Rebecca for details about the day. Since she displaced my laptop from my passenger seat, it was not as convenient for me to take notes. Alas, I fear that some important event that transpired that afternoon will be lost to history.

Several Starbucks and many wrong turns later, I found myself feeling fatigued and dizzy as I headed westbound on I-85 with some 150 miles to Charlotte. I did not think I was going to make it, so I had Rebecca cancel the reservation for that night so that we could pull over if I needed to. Rebecca did her level-best to keep me awake, but I knew fatigue would overwhelm me before Charlotte. Finally, in Lexington about 70 miles from the tournament, we decided that the Highway 8 motel might have a decent rate, and we stopped for the night.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Alarm went off at 7:00, and I was quickly changed, face-washed, and out the door to check out. Sleephead met me a few minutes later, and we were soon well into the 70 mile-drive down to Charlotte. I had thought we would have plenty of time for breakfast, but I screwed up and took a loop around downtown before finally finding an exit. As I feared, there was nothing open downtown, and traffic was unusually heavy because of the game. By the time we reached an area with open restaurants, time was short, but I still decided to pass up crappy Einstein Bros. bagels in favor of seeing what might be available near the Starbucks on Eastern.

We were cutting it closer than I had hoped, and thus I was extremely perturbed to be told that the parking fee would be $15!!! Ryan had made no mention of this on his flyer, and later he would say that he had vouchers for $5 parking. Not knowing that at the time, I drove until I found street parking, and it was so far away we had a good 15-minute walk back to arrive with just a few minutes to spare.

My first game, against 908-rated Ann Vyce, was a disaster. Despite challenging off her (A)ERIOLES*, playing L(A)TCHETE*, and challenging off her S hook, I was unable to bingo again for a while, and when she finally got down SWINDLe(D) for 89 points, I was only up 100! I came right back, with BANTERS, of course, but a 200-point win looked questionable given the board configuration. I did draw the Z and J and scored with them, but Ann managed ot score 28, 39, 25, and then go out first with the blank, and I only won by 153. I hate life.

I was pleased to see that Ryan was using John Chew's electronic wall-chart exclusively for results and pairings rather than killing trees. I was less pleased to see a cockroach attacking me in the bathroom as I was trying to exercise proper hygeine.

When I saw that the list of entrants on cross-tables including Matthew Hopkins, I said to myself, "Wow, Matt is actually playing a tournament--I can't believe it." Flash forward to Saturday and, upon arriving at the Blake Hotel and seeing that we were down to 24 players, I assumed that Matt had been one of the dropouts. I was thus surprised to see that Matthew Hopkins was listed as my second-round opponent, and only then did I realize that the NSA must have both a Matt Hopkins and a Matthew. Mystery solved.

Anyway, that second game, against the aforementioned Mathew Hopkins was as hellish as my first. Though I opened with ARBO(R)OUS, which I was unsure of, and followed it up with GUARDIA(N) a few turns later, I gave up a considerable number of points by chickening out on AIRFORG(E)*. When I laid the tiles down, I sensed a shift in Matthew's demeanour, and I had the feeling he was not going to let it go. After GUARDIA(N) I had to exchange but then played XYSTI for 78, but Matthew came rihght back with QuIETE(D) for 90, and I was not even up 100 at that point. I got down DANG(L)ERS for 74, but Matthew got Z(I)LL for 26 and WEAN for 44, so rudely using the A(JEE) hook that I had set up for myself!!! And then he drew the second blank, and once again I was left with a sub-200-point win, just 161. Crap. Two games, and my spread was a lousy 314.

One good thing about my first two games, or so I thought, was that I had been outblanked both times. I figured I would rather get the blanks when I faced an opponent who could actually beat me. No sooner did I have that though than my run of nobodies ended, and I had to face 1490 Chad Harris in Round 3. Unfortunately, I was outblanked again, and he managed to get down (F)URANOsE for 85 early, then (E)IGHTEEn for 86 at the very end, and he won by 9. My life was over.

Annotated Game

I won my next game, totally outdrew Gerry Greenside (despite being outblanked for a fourth time), but the only thing that kept me from rushing out during lunch and finding a place to kill myself was the fact that Corn Rows (he really needs them), Jack Spratt, and Randy Hersom had both lost games. I considered them my main competition for the money, with Randy Hersom having a shot there too.

For shame, Ryan!!! He printed up a list of walkable restaurants in the area, but he left off the best one, Austin's Carribean Cuisine. It was on Microsoft Streets & Trips though, and though I was irked that they were out of cornbread, oxtails sure hit the spot.

Forgot to stop at the fake Starbucks in the Target for coffee tinged with the shame of licensure, so I was forced to patronize the Seattle's Best Coffee kiosk across the from the hotel desk. The barista, Bridgit, had a really crappy attitude. I guess it's okay that she did not know whether the SBC coffee came from the Starbucks roasting plans, but she could have at least showed some curiosity about the matter. And she could have shown at least some interest in serving me instead of being so quick to get back to her book. Seriously, it's the job of a Starbucks (which own's SBC) barista to at least give the customer a glimmer of promise that he might one day be able to sleep with her.

I finally posted a decent spread, 307, against Katya Levin. I drew blanks, finally, but my real break was that she challenged K(AY)/DIKEY early in the game, and this probrably contributed to her decision to let my NOUGHA(T)S* go. I really thought it was good, because why else would I have seen it after first laying down HANGOU(T)S. Later I figured that, when originally anagramming the rack, I must have thought of NOUGHAT* first a few times, and that's how it stuck in my mind. Dangerous.

Sixth opponent, Phil Wertheimer, a just-under-1500 who had somehow managed to beat Randy Hersom and sat pretty with a 5-0 record. How did he do it? Well, opening with a play like ZIRAM certainly helped. A SATINE bingo like NATIVES--also useful for beating real players. I finally managed to take a lead when he challenged LEACHES, but the board was open enough that I took nothing for granted. Then, despite a blank, I got a couple of bum turns, vowel-less R(IF)F for 18 and then VU(G) for 7. I did get the bingo down, SNORTeR, for a 50-point lead, but Phil came back with 32 for WOO(E)D to open a dangerous hot-spot. I blocked that one, but he got the other, less likely spot, PIX/(Q)I/(PI)X for 51, and all of a sudden he had the lead. With a blank unseen, a glaring HE sitting out there for the hook, and a tile pool of AAELLNORTTU?, my next play was forced--block the line. Then Phil played (Y)A(R)N to set up an S hook, and I was looking at ELLORRTU? in the bag. I couldn't risk it, and I had to play for 7 to block, and that cost me enough points that Phil was able to win with his blank. A second close loss, and my life was seriously sucking.

Annotated Game

Next, Dan Pratt, and it was time to put up or shut up. I failed. Missed W(H)ITTLED to try (F)ITTEDLy instead (my other try would have been T(H)IsTLED*), and Dan surged ahead with (F)ERRUlES. Still managed to tie with, (U)nTITLED, but Dan's 36-point response of UP(D)OVE gave him the lead, and I blew chance after chance to catch up. After the game I declared that I would never have sex again. I don't deserve it.

Annotated Game

For much of that final game of the day, I feared that I would enter the land of cataclysm. My poor record had me paired with #15 Dan Vovakes, and had to suffer 8 unbalanced racks out of my first nine turns. The other rack was EMB(R)UTEs, but Dan got down KETTLEs for more points, and the rest of his scores were generally better. A win did not start looking plausible until I played one S of, ZAS for 32, at the risk of a heavy counterplay if Dan had an A. He didn't, and I was able to underlap AG for 45 to tie the game. The outcome was far from certain, because vowels were in short suply, and I chose to dump QR from an INRST leave rather than play QIS for 25-odd points and leave all consonants. I drew IT, had to play it off for 14, and had Dan not emptied the bag to let me go out with SPIRANT, he very well might have won and doomed me to eternal hell.

For lunch Rebecca wanted something quick and cheap. I was physically unable to provide anything in the way of a protein shake for her, so we went for quick, cheap, and nastier instead... Bojangles. That was my third or fourth time giving Bojangles a try, and the quality of the food never improved.

I don't know what Gerry Greenside imbibed during lunch, but he started off the Night Event by challenging (M)EOU, VO(D)OU, and then lost a third turn trying CAQUES*. I actually felt a little sorry for the poor guy. I suppose that might have made me a little careless, and I loss a turn myself challenging SACQUES. That allowed him to take the lead after pEONIES and two other high-scoring plays. Had I not bingoed again, TIGH(T)ENs, I might have actually lost!!! Must... not... get... cocky!

Next up, the no-win situation of a game, Rebecca. After a slow start, she managed to score a whopping 40 with UREID(E) (how is that even possible) and then hook DYAD to PERFUSE for 41. JAI(L)ED for 44 and then the bingo ONETIME put her ahead of me, and all of a sudden I was looking at testicular shrinkage. Had I not pulled ROASTIN(G) and then the second blank, I would have been desexed, unsexed, insex, nonsexed, etc.

No doubt Nate Dogg sat down across from me with the intention to regulate, but I was the one TiCKLED pink by getting the first bingo down on an ugly, ungly board, and that was enough to win it.

Unbelievable. On the heels of having ruined my afternoon, that little shit Wertheimer drew nearly everything to ruin my night, too. My luck was so bad that I overdraw and lose an S, later exchange DNNWWV, and later still end up with both Ws on my rack. Not only that, but with a 7 in 8 chance of having the V, Phil manages to avoid it bingos out with a totally unnecessary (W)INDAGES to win by nearly 200!!! No wonder he's doing well, with draws like that. It's like the kid never heard of a bad draw! It was Rob Robinsky all over again, except this time I did not seethe with anger and wish vicious ills upon the kid.

I just wanted to sleep, and so it was particularly irritating that the slow-talking (and probably slow-thinking) bearded old man handling the desk at the Rodeway Inn was taking forever to process the woman ahead of us. It's a good thing Rebecca was preoccupied with her new-found love, Quackle, or she would have been going bananas. I, however, was handling my irritation in a Zen-like manner. I did not seethe.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Ugh was my mood on Sunday morning as I tossed and turned from 7:15 onward, wholly unable to sleep again. I figured I'd slept not even 7 hours, and I needed to stay up past 11:00 for the Night Event. The day was looking to be a bear, and not the cute kind that you find in a locket.

Breakfast from a restaurant called Greystone, where Rebecca finally revealed her cheesy obsessions. You should ask her about this.

Child abuse was the first order of the morning, as I took a chance on MATELOT(E) against Joey Krafchick, and that jumpstarted an otherwise floundering game. A few turns later, I could not see a play ending in S with CDEOSU? (yes, there's lots), so I hooked SUbCODE to PIS(E)*, but I did it with a little bit of flim-flam. I first played SCOUrED, hooking the ED, and slotting the O in dangerous place, H12. I stared at the play intently and then switched it to SUbCODE, counted up the score difference, 66 to 72, and finally hit the clock. It stay. Then ORGANIC right out of the bag, and that was it for Joey.

Dammit, I had hoped to continue my child abusing ways by taking down #1 Corn Rows, and I even had both blanks early for BoNEHE(A)D and STOd(G)IER. I maintained the lead going into the endgame, but somehow I couldn't manage to score enough to keep Corn Rows from passing me.

Annotated Game

A third kid in a row, Nathan James, and just like our game during the Night Event, the board got tight early. Thought this time around Nathan beat me to the bingo (SINUATE, yipee!!!), I had the blank for CRASsLY a few turns later followed by L(E)GATORS right of the bag. It just wasn't fair... to Nathan.

My morning was shot all to hell by a disastrous game against Randy Hersom, who bingoed with AUREATE, WOmBATS, and RIPTIDE(S) within his first four turns. Eventually I managed to get down EASElED, but Randy had continued to score, and I had nary a prayer of catching up. When he played LINTELS, I pretty much had to challenge; other I could not have come back from the nearly 200-point deficit with just 22 tiles left.

We went off in search of a Latin American restaurant I had found a while back, but my morning losses had really depleted me of enthusiasm and the urge to drive very far. When I spotted the Zada Jane's Corner Cafe on Center St., I asked Rebecca if that was good enough. We went inside, and I was pleased to see that breakfast was served all day. I had already eaten breakfast, true, but I decided that if we could have breakfast again, then we could restart the day and sweep away the morning's failures.

The Basset hounded me for a second time, though I have only myself to blame for blundering in a most foolish of manners. Holding MUSTARD on my second rack, I convinced myself that SEXT does not take an S, and I passed on an 88-point bingo. Later on, missed a rack that I routinely miss in LeXpert, AIORRST + T, and instead I convince myself SARTORI* was good. I did bingo, but I had lost the momentum, and Huckleberry Basset-Hound, who had actually tried to play GLOT* against me, went on to win big. GLOT*!!! Jeez Louise, he deserved to lose just for that.

Annotated Game

I finally got that punk Wertheimer. He tried HOLLIER* against me. In an earlier game, he challenged LEACHED. Doesn't he, like, read books and stuff? After rough start on my end, I came with MUDDLEd followed by SAUTEED, then NITRIDS two turns later, and finally COALeRS for 221 point win. Sweet. He totally deserved it.

Finally game of the again, Greenside again, and he just couldn't seem to get game going against me. Oh, well, I needed the easy win. Though my record was crap, and I was looking at serious ratings loss, I felt a little better knowing that, with five rounds to go, and just three games behind Dan and two behind Corn Rows, first place was still within my reach.

Quick and cheap was the goal for dinner, so I decided to introduce Rebecca to Bojangles. I've given the chain about 3 or 4 tries, and it never gets better. Consistently yucky.

Finally, after 16 rounds of the Main Event and 4 rounds of the Nite Event, I faced Barry Keith, the only other player besides Spratt, Corn Rows, and Randy Needs-a-Nickname with a decent rating. I'm sure he's probably pretty good, but he just couldn't seem to get anything going in our game. All it took was one bingo, INDUSIa, for me to win it.

I guess losing to me four consecutive times in two days must have gotten to Nathan James. After I took an early lead with TIMPAN(O)S* and a few turns later found a four-tile underlap for RESTFUL, Nathan made a heck of a run with A(P)HONIA for 48, TRANQ for 50, pass, (D)IfFUSER for 95, and sEXTAIN for 82. He led by 31, after my EDIT(OR) to leave CJZ, I was vowelless for two turns. I finally pulled a couple of vowels for a 56-point DEZINC to take a 16-point lead, but with an S unseen and a triple-line that I was forced to open, losing probable. And then Nathan decided he need to get jiggy, and he tried EULOGI(C)*. That was of course a really bad time to try a phony, because not only is it an unlikely word, but it was a forced challenge from my perspective. It was an easy inference for me that Nathan's remaining tile was not the S, which meant I would draw it and probably win. And then I saw BUR(Q)A for 48, a word I had probably missed at least twice, maybe more times, during my Scrabble career. When I played it, I could swear that I heard Nathan say, softly, "you're an ass." I guess the pressure got to him. After the game, he still put out his hand to shake.

Once again, Barry Keith, and unfortunately for him, my reality-altering powers were in full effect. Upon seeing MRT come out of the bag, and then an L and O, I willed the final two tiles to be E and I. After a healthy 33 for WILDS, I put e(R)GATIVE out there hoping it would not take an S. Turns out it does, but Barry was not sure, so he played (I)DEALISE instead. I suppose I lucked out there, and after fENCING(S), the rest of the chips all landed in my lap and I was Gibsonized.

Despite my lucky draw, Barry was gracious and commented that he liked my blog and found it useful. So all you haterz out there hating on my blog, I say na-na na-na boo-boo!!!

The downside of being Gibsonized is that you typically face a weaker opponent, and this limits your chance for a ratings gain. I had other concerns, however. My opponent was Rebecca, and our game was perfused with more tension that usual because of some ill-conceived remarks on my part that had inadvertently pushed her buttons to the point that the she seemed about to explode. I thought I was just being funny, and I don't let joking remarks get to me, so I really couldn't understand why she was so upset.

I was thus stuck between a rock and a hard place. If I lost, my rating would tank. If I won, it would be less likely that Rebecca's mood would improve anytime soon. But it gets better--if SWAG(G)ERY* ended up being phony, which it was, I could expect Rebecca to be even more displeased. I was right. Later on I had to try and assuage Rebecca's displeasure over having let another of my phonies go, on top of her displeasure over my joking remarks.

After the game I said nothing except what was necessary to fill out the scorecards and take them to Ryan, and I kept quiet on the way back to the Ascot Inn except for repeated apologies. The Ascot advertised specialty-themed romance sweets, but it was clear we wouldn't be needed anything more than a basic room that night. Two beds probably would have been best, but at least the one we got was nice and wide. We each stuck to our edges, and a river (a small one) could have run between us.

On top of the tense mood in the room, we had to deal with a smoke alarm battery that kept chirping until I removed it, and a toilet bowl in which the water would not stop running.

Monday, September 1, 2008

My day started off worthlessly. I needed to run the table in order to have hopes of 1st or 2nd, but Jack Spratt allowed me no chance of that. He took all the fat, opening with ALIE(N)ATE and ALBEDOs and scoring consistently throughout. Late in the game, I had DEFEATS followed by URINATE followed by the second blank on my rack. But even if EIJORS? had played, which it didn't, a third bingo in a row would still have left me trailing, and the bag did not contain anything that was likely to play (IIIOUBDHLQSST). After the game, I felt like Spratt had sucked my soul out through my nose. Not pleasant.

With one final chance for second, or so it seemed, I was hung out to dry and once again out-blanked and outdrawn by Chad the blank-hogging Cad. After an early (S)PIRULAS followed by double-double CHA(R)GER, I found myself down 100 on a tight board, Turn after turn, nothing worked, and by the time I got down DEFIANC(E), it was too late--Chad had both blanks... again!!!

As I walked away, I cursed my dirty underwear. I had kept my briefs from the day before in the hopes that the luck from a 3-1 afternoon and 4-0 evening would have stuck to them like funky ass-sweat. On the contrary, my briefs proved completely useless that morning.

Of course, as bad as my 18th round had been it was worse for Phil Wertheimer who was playing Gerry Greenside on my board, perhaps the suckiest board in all of Scrabble. It is not clear what happened, but somehow a tile ended up out of place, and this affected the outcome of the game. As I looked on, I hoped that the board's lack of grooves in some areas had not caused this.

My 19th-round game represented the end of life as I had known it. Just like anybody who has undergone a traumatic experience--kidnapping, rape, loss of a loved one, cancellation of a favorite TV show... I would never be the same again after losing to 5-year-old Christopher Woodard. The kid isn't even toilet-trained, and he still breast feeds!!! He tried to play words like GAUTE(R) and G(E)LBA, and yet he managed to stumble across a few good plays to stay even going into the endgame. And then I made a mistake that I had just the other day been counseling Dan Vovakes against--I emptied the bag. My situation was slightly different. I was trying to remember whether (R)ETININe* for 744 was any good, versus playing EN(D)ITINg for 59. I knew full well 7 tiles were in the bag--I had just counted them, and I knew full well that Christopher had just exchanged and might have the other blank. And yet I played the bingo when I should have played off an I, or IN, thus allowing the kid to bingo first and draw the Q. Unbelievably stupid, that was, and as I left, dejected, I felt unworthy.

Annotated Game

To further sour my mood, the Dominican restaurant from Sunday night was closed, so I would not be able to get plantains to go with my leftovers. The strip center also had a Salvadorean restaurant with a stupid name, Pupusa Heat, but they wanted to charge a ridiculous price for an order of yucca and chicharron. I didn't want the meat, just the yucca, but they would not sell it separately. Grrr...

Fortunately, tried-and-true Pollo Inka, the Peruvian restaurant, was not far, and they had yuca by itself on the menu at a resonable price. A hearty meal at a reasonable price--a man needs little more than that.

Because I am, as I mentioned earlier, a retard, and a glutton for punishment, I took the opportunity of stopping at Starbucks to check cross-tables for upcoming tournaments. Why even bother--it's just going to be more punishment. I can't play this game anymore.

I returned from lunch to more disappointment--I had to face the kid again. I hardly cared. I was just pushing tiles around, barely paying attention. I even played STRiKED* instead of STRoKED, and I almost put down VI(R)GE* before realizing I needed an A there, not an E. The kid, meanwhile, was continuing his phonying ways. I took of BRE(V)Y* and then MOLTENS*, and still, had the scores been closer and he played the actual bingo, he might have won it.

Before our final game of the tournament, my opponent Gerry Greenside said "It's my turn to win." I motioned towards Nathan James behind him and replied, "Ask Nathan if that's how it works." Nathan smiled weakly, and I went on to trounce Gerry in a meaningless game that put me at 5th place, just out of the money, and under 1700 for the first time in quite a while. The Nite Event, rated after the main event, even though it finished first, put me back over 1700, but my disappointment was lessened only marginally.

That was my fourth consecutive win over Gerry, and though beating up on intermediate players is no great feat, I still found it amusing that of the 19 wins I had garnered that weekend, eight of them, or nearly half, had been against Gerry and Nathan. That was a first for me.

After that last game I hung around a bit to see what the estimated ratings damage was, and then I walked down to my car to retrieve Rebecca's toothbrush. I met her outside the lobby, where Ann Vyce was also waiting with her SUV to give Rebecca a ride to Virginia. We said our goodbyes, and I apologized again for having ruined Sunday night, with the knowledge fully in my mind that we might not see each other again for a good while.

Before leaving Charlotte I stopped to get online and pull up some Amtrak and Greyhound information for Rebecca, and then I could not help but pull up cross-tables to see what tournaments were scheduled for the weekend. Rats! Nothing near Texas. I was going to have to live with a lousy rating for at least two weeks, and probably longer depending on which job I ended up getting.

When I had time to reflect on my third consecutive ratings drop, it occurred to me that I had done poorly at my first Charlotte event, in '05, as well as in Asheville. I did gain rating at the '08 Charlotte Showdown, but not nearly as much as I should have. The conclusion was obvious--North Carolina hates me. As far as I was concerned, the entire blamed state could fall into the ocean, or burn to the ground just like back during the Civil War when Sherman did that march to the sea thing. Then South Carolina could rename itsself as just Carolina, and the U.S. flag could go back to a 7x7 star pattern with its more perfect symmetry.


#1 - Vyce    
0 OX  
2.8 BARD  
0 NEVI  
11.2 GOY miss O(RANGY) hook
0 QUI(L)T  
63.4 DIM  
12.9 YOWE(S)  
0* (T)AO  
0* EAU  
0* EC(R)U  
16 ZA JA(R)???
0* JA(R)  
#2 - Hopkins    
3.5 HILLO  
10.6 -DQW  
1.5 JEE  
4 B(A) (TOM)B/B(A)
#3 - Harris    
7.4 (L)IPID (L)IPIDE (didn't want to open line)
0 (B)IZE  
2 TEW  
0 COCA  
14.5 YA(WE)D (COW)ARDLY (that's where I lost)
1.4 LOB forgot B(RUSHIER) hook I'd seen earlier!!!
24.5 VU(G) suck
0 (CAT)NIP  
#4 - Greenside    
0 (O)UZO  
4.3 L(U)X  
2 JIN  
2.3 AGO  
21.5 W(O) H(O)WLET
11.4 H(E)T weak block,SHTETL,SLEUTH
0 BU(C)K  
0 TRES  
#5 - Lezin    
6.8 OAF  
0* NOUGHA(T)S*  
6.3 (R)ENIN  
0 Q(U)IZ  
0 POO  
0 G(R)AD  
35.6 lose turn (DOOBEES*)  
5.8 OBE  
#6 - Wertheimer    
1.1 BOO  
5.8 YUM 13B  
0 W(H)IGS  
1.8 R(IF)F  
6.4 VU(G)  
8.3 KINO block line
6.3 (T)ON many possible bingoes--must block
#7 - Pratt    
3.8 PERCH  
0 FOAM  
15.1 YEANS  
0 GOD  
25.4 (F)ERRUlES w(H)ITTLED,miss S(H) hook for sLITTED
0.1 (U)nTITLED  
0.1 WO(V)E  
20.5 BI(T)E miss B(ANI) hook!!!
0.1 (L)INN  
0 LI(M)BI  
36 C(O)RN  
0 EYNE  
#8 - Vovakes    
1.9 EMB(R)UTEs  
8.1 (L)EY  
1.8 NAOI  
11.9 US  
11.9 HAES  
3.7 JOE  
9.3 WADI  
3.7 ZAS  
22.5 AG AR (leave GINRS vs INRRS)
2 -QR  
0 IT  
#9 - Krafchick    
0.9 Q(I)  
0 JO  
2.6 -BCFNRRT leave CR
0 ZA  
4.1 B(A)S(E)  
4.2 AGEE  
0* EME  
3 (D)E  
#10 - Basset-Bouchard    
1.6 KIVA  
0 BoNEHE(A)D  
13 STOd(G)IER  
7.2 GOX  
0* SCAL(I)NG  
0.9 JOE  
0* TE(AM)  
10.5 (U)REIDE RE (to leave DEINR)
0 PA(D)I  
7.7 HA(J) WHIN/(S)H/(T)I/(O)N,HIJ(R)A
18.5 M(A)W  
4 (N)ITRIL  
#11 - James    
0 VE(L)DT  
13.8 AEON  
0 FUGI(O)  
2 Q(AT)  
#12 - Hersom    
8.2 KEN(A)F  
2 GAP  
12 (R)AX  
#13 - James    
2.5 CAB  
0 FLEX  
11.7 GIP GIP/(YE)G(G)/(N)I(L)/(O)P(E)
0 OAF  
8.5 ROT  
4.2 TI(C) block S hook line
0* DREK more block
24.2 AI block
--- SU(Q)  
--- IT  
--- ET  
--- AN  
#14 - Basset-Bouchard    
0 JEW  
51.2 MU thought SEXT didn't take S
9.4 GL(A)D  
0.9 LI(D)  
42.7 lose challenge (SARTORI*) (T)RAITORS/ROTARI(E)S
1.8 OR  
7.2 FOY keep missing (MU)S/(APPLET)S spot
0 ZA  
0* ABO  
11.5 F(L)U  
8 (V)ENUES  
0 W(H)O  
#15 - Wertheimer    
7.8 WIT  
#16 - Greenside    
0 QUIP 8H  
2.7 J(E)W  
3.7 EASTiNG  
1.9 FIBER  
0 AX  
0 BOAR  
0* NEON  
3.2 (K)IN  
12 O(D)  
#17 - Pratt    
0 PORN  
0 WR(A)NG  
6.3 M(E)W WE(B)CAM
8.2 (P)UCE trying to keep board open
3.2 GNA(W)  
0 -DQTZ  
1 V(O)UCH  
0* AE  
2* JE(U)  
66 challenge (WRANG)S  
#18 - Harris    
7.2 JI(A)O G(A)DJO
0 DEN  
0 FIB  
1.6 W(I)NG  
3.8 INTEG(ER)  
15.5 PUN  
0 BAD(D)Y  
0 S(P)RO(G)*  
0 (B)OXES  
#19 - Woodard    
56.3 COX COEXERT (unsure),CORTEX
11.3 -FGQV (NOR)  
6.3 JOE  
7.5 WOOF Chris has AEGTU--avoid opening
5.5 (R)OMPER  
0.9 DEN(A)R  
0 LUM(P)Y  
12.7 GI(P)ON  
14.3 I(N)IA  
7.9 LE(Z)  
--- EN(D)ITINg cannot play bingo and empty bag!!!
#20 - Woodard    
0 B(A)TH  
0 RAX  
2 VI(R)GA  
0.6* USQUE  
1.7 (G)IEN  
0 -AOOOU  
2.4 (T)IPI (Q)I (give up 6 pts to leave AEIPRT??? board is tight!!!)
0.9 DUST  
--- (KI)F  
--- (Q)I  
--- FLU(B)  
#21 - Greenside    
0 RAW  
16.2 B(AN)K KIBB(I)
36.4 challenge (MAUT)S  
0 F(R)IG  
0 OBA  
0 GIE  
12.8* I(G)LU SILIqUA
0.8 QuI(N)S  
4.9* AX DA(UT)IE/D(AL)/(B)A/(K)I
0 DA(UT)  
4.4 F(E)D  
0* VICES block bingo
10 TUG  

1 - W - 7.1 (106.6)
2 - W - 5.4 (64.5)
3 - L - 5.9 (77.1)
4 - W - 3.9 (51.3)
5 - W - 8.3 (115.9)
6 - L - 4.0 (51.6)
7 - L - 8.1 (113.6)
8 - W - 6.4 (83.5)
9 - W - 2.8 (39.2)
10 - L - 5.3 (63.4)
11 - W -
12 - L -
13 - W - 4.5
14 - L - 11.7 (164.7)
15 - W -
16 - W - 2.1 (24.9)
17 - L - 7.6 (91.5)
18 - L - 3.7 (44.7)
19 - L - 10.4
20 - W - 3.6
21 - W - 6.3 (107.4)

Avg: 6.0

#1 - Greenside    
0 (M)EOU  
4.2 (A)BRIDGE  
0 VO(D)OU  
0 FORB  
0.8 (P)EW  
37 challenge SACQUE  
0 FIE(L)D  
0 GOX  
8.6 (C)ROWD  
13.4 (Z)ESTY  
0 EL(A)N  
0 J(U)T  
#2 - Lambert    
2.6 -DFGLMRW  
13 PERFUSE unsure of (OKEH)S
0 WRAP  
1.9 GULF  
0.2 AgONIES  
4.5 VO(W)  
14.1 (I)N  
0.2 ROASTIN(G)  
8.3 (Z)A  
8.6 IT  
0* CUR(D)  
0 mI(N)X  
#3 - James    
3.5 (A)BORN*  
17.7 TET  
2.9 DITA  
#4 - Wertheimer    
10.2 DITZ  
0 OHIA  
0 TO(L)E  
4.1 LIEVE  
3.8 LORE  
0* -DNNVWW  
11.6 (YE)AN S(LIEVE) hook
0* OX  
0 FRY  
37.4 RU(E)  
54.6 W(Y)N  
#5 - Keith    
0.4 ZIG  
0 SHOW  
0 F(L)OW  
10.1 CR(E)EK  
16 THE(R)M  
#6 - James    
0 KIW(I)  
5.4 VE(I)L  
0 DRI(V)E  
1.2 EDIT(OR)  
3.8 R(A)J  
0 BUR(Q)A  
#7 - Keith    
1.8 HO  
0.5 TAV  
0 BEEN  
4.9 (YE)P  
0 (Z)A  
1.9 TACK  
0 GU(N)  
#8 - Lambert    
4.7 JU(S)  
0 BE(L)ON  
0.1 M(E)D  
5.1 FEED  
1.9 -CNUV (DQU)  
0 QUA  
3.5 (O)X  
0 UH  

1 - W - 5.3 (74.8)
2 - W - 5.7 (79.7)
3 - L -
4 - W - 10.1 (130.9)
5 - W - 5.3
6 - W - 0.9 (10.4)
7 - W - 4.2 (58.6)
8 - W - 1.4

Avg: 4.8

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