Deluvial Delusions

Friday, October 10, 2008

Left work a bit later than I'd hoped after a long discussion with my manager about some complaints (which he called "silly") some coworkers had made about excessive personal calls to Starbucks. He explained that because I and one other contracter were the highest-paid persons at that job, some people did not want me spending time on non-work-related activities. It was clear my manager couldn't have cared less, but he still had to deal with the issue anyway.

It was about 11:38 when I finally left the parking lot, and my drive to Wis Dells was going to be tight depending on how long it took to detour to Beloit, where I had found a beverage distributor, Tropic Juices, that sold that heavenly Tradewinds tea that makes my life worth living. By the time I got back on the interstate, I needed to maintain 75-80 (in a 65) to reach the hotel in time.

I was only a few minutes late, and when I pulled into the parking lot and saw Binsky outside smoking, I figured I had plenty of time. Oops, I sure hope Rob wasn't trying to keep his smoking a secret.

Dang. Forgot to make scoresheets at work (more of that personal business that seems to annoy some people), so I had to go in search of the lobby to ask for some copies. As I left, my first opponent Lisa Slankard said I had three minutes. I replied that I might just chill out for 20 and then beat her anyway. Guess I must have jinxed myself, because Lisa went on to pull three easy bingos against me. I know, I know, that's pretty-much going to happen sooner or later, but did it have to be my first game?

I can't be too mad at Lisa though, because later on she agreed to atone for her transgression (beating me) by letting me store a few cases of Tradewinds in her car. Made things a lot easier for me when making my bed that night at the Wal-Mart.

My second game was against my lowest-rated opponent (that I can recall), 599 Helen Flores. She showed me her blank early, on turn six, and I spent the rest of the game wondering when the bingo would come down. It never did.

After the game I noticed that I was the only one of the top 9 to have lost a game. Why me? I only gave up 23 equity in that game. Did all the others play better in their games (16 other games in all). I really don't think so.

Despite my phony IDEATOR(Y)*, Shayla Dunn might have had a chance if she had successfully placed her tiles instead of losing a turn to UrNIATE(D). Once I blocked the line, she went into a tailspin that culminated in my biggest spread, 362 points. One item of note is that, even before I blocked her easy bingo, I saw that she had IN(C)UdATE but fully expected she would not find it. Then I drew AEENRU? and had a devious thought. I walked over to Steve Pellinen and asked if I was allowed to tell Shayla about IN(C)UdATE so that she would open a 3x3 line for me. Steve, perhaps with not a small measure of disbelief in his expression (bearded though he was), said he was pretty sure I was not allowed. I assented, but I'd like to see that rule. Don't the British players cooperate with each other to achieve the highest score? I thought I read that in Word Freak.

Annotated Game

The sting of my 22.9-equity-point loss was eased some by an extremely fortuitous turn against Jim Kramer. After an opening exchange I managed to hold my own against Jim until I decided to play for 8 off a AILRRU rack and drew an equally crappy AIILORU. After Jim played C(OR)NET to set up an S hook, I decided to gamble and opened up the board with ODEA leving EIU. I wasn't exactly hopeful of a bingo--I would have been happy with an S or blank--but when I saw EIIMNTU, I did my best to will one of the tiles I needed onto the board. Jim played ALEF, and I was back in business. Amazingly, Jim still did not have that S, so I was able to play KAONS/(CORNE)TS for 40, and I became hopeful. Then I hit JE(T) for 53, and I drew both blanks to boot! With a Q spot for 22, I was golden. My only disappointment then was to embarass myself before Big Jim by missing (G)rEASInG to go out and giving up spread.

Annotated Game

After making some overpriced 20-cent copies at a video store, I found the Utopia Cafe. The menu was not what I expected, but I was really hungry and low on energy, so I settled on some spaghetti. It was most definitely not worth 11 bucks. Utopia hit the trifecta: A) the meatballs weren't real, but rather those dinky little meatball-lets; B) the fork was wholly unsuitable, especially given the price; C) the name, Utopia, promised a heavenly menu, but the kitchen did not deliver.

Got lucky right out of the gate against Lisa Odom. First SULtANS, then, off her 8-point F(U)B, SPRANG to tighten up the board and force a bingo into a triple line (or to end in A). I had the continued fortune to be able to score and keep blocking up the board, and Lisa did not really have a chance.

Got lucky for a second time, both blanks again, and it really looked like I was going to beat Odom again to win the event. And then I choked! With a perfectly good ALIUnDE on my rack, I decided to take a chance on DELUviA(L) for more points. WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY!!! Even after this mistake, I still could have won, but I lost focus. Lisa's surprise bingo, TRAINEE, gave me a hook for ALIUnDE, and I took it right away without looking harder. Had I played mIAULED instead, I still would have won. Two chances to win, and I blew them both.

Annotated Game

I guess beating Kramer and picking up some rating meant the tournament was not a complete loss, but the highlight of the evening was really finding the Wal-Mart Supercenter. Hurray for evil Wal-Mart.


#1 - Slankard    
8.9 GAUN  
4.3 BAP  
0 JOK(Y)  
0.8* W(E)B  
0 DIMWI(T)  
0 Q(I)  
0* O(N)O RO(D)EOINg (no chance to win)
5 CuRF  
#2 - Flores    
0 -U (AEILRN)  
0 QI  
0.3 F(O)RM  
6.8 (F)LATE* set up X play
0 F(A)X  
7.6 (W)EN  
0 A(N)OA  
0 DENE  
7.6 SNEEZE  
6.2 WI(S)  
0 UH  
0 TROO(Z)  
--- HOGG have to block obvious S line
0* UTS forgot there was a tile in the bag!!!
#3 - Dunn    
0 BOO block UrINATE(D)
0* (ACT)E(R)* can't open board
0* AVA hoping for S trap and it worked
0.4 FEH  
1.3* P(OD)AL*  
0 OX  
--- (HIDE)D block
0 JO  
60.6 -V (L)IVERING (no idea )
0 Z(E)K  
0 (E)VES  
#4 - Kramer    
2.5 -AGQVW  
4.7 ZIN  
0.5 HEHS  
22.3 (LO)UR miss A(ZINES) hook
11 (T)RAIL ditto,(T)ORII
5.9 ODEA  
5.5 KAONS gives up big J play
0 JE(T)  
0 Q(I)  
8 EArInGS (G)EArInGS (unsure),(G)ArIGuES (unsure),(G)rEASInG
#5 - Odom    
3.4 O(B)IA  
16.9 P(E)RV  
18.1 YULE miss (FUBS)Y hook
4.7 WAGE  
0 QI  
0 DEWY  
0 BA(H)  
20.3 VLM  
6 OINKs  
0 LI(E)  
#6 - Odom    
4 BEAU  
4.2 DAP ADNATE (unsure)
22.4 DANG GAD(J)E (when will I see this word???)
7.7 KO(J)I  
3.9 (O)VOLI  
5.3 R(I)VER  
6.6 U(P)  
0.9 pELTERS  
0 AX(E)  
25.2 lose turn (DELUvIA(L)*)  
10.3 ALIUnDE  
0 ZA  
0 AUTO  

1 - L - 1.9 (23)
2 - W - 3.2
3 - W - 7.5
4 - W - 5.2 (67.1)
5 - W - 7.4 (118.6)
6 - L - 6.5 (90.5)

Avg: 5.3

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