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Thursday, February 25, 2010

7:10 - Left Princeton and head out into the snow. Slow going.

8:00 - Reached La Perrada de Caliche where I picked up dinner and continued on along my snow route.

10:00 - Pulled into the service area in Sloatsburg, mentally preparing myself for a cold, cold night. Earlier in the day I had been unable to find my thermal pants, and when I stopped by Target and Kohls I found that the season had already passed, and they were both sold out. I ended up buying a second pair of pajama bottoms, but without the snug fit of the thermal pants, the warming effect would not be the same. However, while I dug around my duffel bag for socks, I found the pants. Excellent, I thought--a good omen for the coming battle.

12:45 - Turned the car engine back on.

3:30 - Woke up shivering, really cold, and realize that even though the engine had been running the air had no been blowing, so the car had not heated up. Grrr...

Friday, February 26, 2010

7:15 - Woke up with enough time to make my 9:30 massage with Michelle, *if* the Thruway was not bad, and if I grabbed a quick coffee, juice, and oatmeal from the fake-ass rest area Starbucks. I loathe patronizing those cesspools of fauxness, but time was of the essence. Unfortunately, the Fakebucks was closed, due to the weather I presume, and my only option looked to be Donkey Donuts. The line was long, and when it came time to order I realized they had run out of donuts!!! Grrr... This development boded not well. While finding my thermal pants was clearly a good omen, the same couldn't be said for Donkey running out of donuts.

7:25 - The Thruway was moving slow, slow enough that I had to call Michelle and see if I could push back our appointment to 10:00. Shortly after my call, though, the roadway became clear of snow, and I reached Latham at 9:30 after all. Later I would discovered that quite a few people had dropped out of the tournament. I think they could have made it had they perservered. On the other hand, with Rau and Meade out of the field, my chances looked a lot better.

12:15 - Reached Saratoga Springs and head to the Starbucks to get online and do some work.

1:15 - Reached the Gideo Putnam and find the playing room.

1:20 - Realized I had forgotten to change into my BLACK SOCKS!!! Those who know me know that I'm all about the fashion, and I never ever wear white socks out in public, unless I'm exercising. I was in a hurry to finish my work and send it out, and I did not want to take the time to go back out to the car, so I spent the next several hours trying to insure that nobody saw my socks.

1:45+ - We finally got started, and I first face Stan Williams, the bottommost player to sneak into Division 1. I'd played him a couple of times already in recent months, and the same applied to him that applied to Kevin McCarthy in Pittsburgh--if I play mid-level players enough times, they will eventually beat me. And he almost did. Had any tile other than D been the last one in the bag, I would not have had the win

Annotated Game

Sal Piro next, and I had a flashback to the WELTERS situation in Philadelphia. This time it was ANELING, and it was Sal who played it, and I found myself unsure. Thankfully, the way I anagram works in my favor, because I had a visual memory of seeing multiple alphagrams on the screen, at least one, maybe two others besides EANLING. I have to figure out a way to study deeper into the 7s and 8s without losing touch with the higher-probs. Anyway, I let it go, trailed for a while, the got down COLOgNE, phony STURM* (don't ask why not STRUM), then the incredible phony (E)YEWEARS* for 104 to effectively end the game. HOW IS EYEWEARS* PHONY???

Went into my game with Brad Whitmarsh figuring he would clobber me after my last two wins against him. Amazingly, I opened with eMPORIA, extended my lead with C(A)THODES, and put myself in a quite favorable position with STARLIN(G). Then I fucked up. With two tiles in the bag, and the Q unseen, I SHOULD HAVE PASSED!!! I know this, and I've done it before. If the Q can lose you the game, and you have enuf of a lead, PASS!!! Instead, I played off a G, drew the Q, and was lucky to win by 12. On top of that, I missed a couple of bingos I should have found, and if Brad curses me when he sees my analysis, I wouldn't blame him.

AARRGHH!!! MOTHERFUCKER!!! (He's in college--he can take it). Having beaten Bradley, my best chance at 1900 was to win out, but Ben Schoenbrun stopped me cold with both blanks, three easy bingos, and all-around incessant scoring!!!

OH... MY... GOD!!! I ALMOST LOST TO YVONNE LOBO TOO!!! Seven powers to her, for a very close game, and I was probably saved only by her losing two turns (plus another when it didn't matter anymore). Thing is, at the end, she scared the @#$%^ out of me when she tried (GOITRE)D*/D(ON)S/S(PURTIER)* for 56 points. I had been eyeing GOITRED* all game, but I wasn't sure, and I had no idea if SPURTY* was a word. Had I lost to that play, you would have heard my screaming no matter where in the world you are.

Annotated Game

Went to Esperanto for a delicious burrito. As I waited for my deliciously yummy burrito, I felt a little bad for poor Rebecca who wasn't able to attend. Oh, poor Webecca, can't enjoy these yummy yummy burritos. So very sad.

After my 6th round game against Anita Rackham, I was convinced that the overall tide had finally turned, and that I was going to see a huge ratings drop. My racks had gotten progressively worse over the course of three games, against scrubs all, culminating in what has to be one of the most obscene examples of a player outdrawing an opponent rating some 450 points higher.

Annotated Game

That made three double-blankings in a row, and I had not seen anything close to a good bingo: eGOSTIST,TRAWLIn(G),R(E)SENTED,TOLANeS,LUTEINS,VESTiNG,REtINAE,UTENSIL,(R)EADIEST. Add to that LABRETS, and ANELING, and the only good bingos I'd seen in six games were SUDD(E)NLY (maybe--that one is kind of obvious) and REF(U)TALS. Meanwhile I'd played eMPORIA, C(A)THODES, COLOgNE, (E)YEWEARS*, STARLIN(G), ASTOUND, and LEADI(e)ST. See the difference? See how I was getting fucked?

No Smurf luck for Jason Keller, and then I got back at Anita, but the damage was already done. No 1st place to catch Bradley, and only a 4 point ratings gain. The only bright side to that evening was finishing earlier than expected, 10:45, and soon thereafter being able to curl up in my cozy car, protected from the cold and snow by my wonderful thermal pants (and three layers of blankets).

Saturday, February 27, 2010

3:28 - Woke up with a start, perhaps from a state of half-sleep, perhaps from a dream about Lost, perhaps about Locke as the Smoke Monster. The details are fuzzy, but what is most clear is that I thought I heard a mosquito buzzing around. Very strange, given the cold weather. I would have dismissed the faint memory of the sound as a hallucination had I not seen what appeared to be a mosquito in the playing room earlier. Perhaps the fact that the Gideon Putman is in the middle of a state park increases the likelihood that some bugs will be present even in the cold.

7:28 - A familiar country beat runs through my mind, with the following lyrics.

"Don't waste my time, darling, don't waste my tears."
"I've always loved you, and I always will."
"But I can't keep holding on, if that's how you feel."
"So don't waste my time, darling, don't waste my tears."

I googled the lyrics, but found nothing. I guess that means that I made them up, and that in turn means that I might have a country music career in my future, along with a hip-hop career. I've already got street cred, since I've been to prison, but how do I get country cred?

8:15 - Ordered pancakes from Compton's. Once more I was disappointed to hear no Snoop Dogg playing.

8:43 - Sat in the parking lot finishing my breakfast and wondering who had just pulled up next to me when I realized that I HAD NOT STOPPED AT STARBUCKS FOR COFFEE. WTF??? I asked Bob Becker to let David Boys know I was there, and I rushed off.

Jeremy Hall up first, he who had frustrated me in a recent event. Without going back to review that game, I'll assume he luckbagged me. This game might have gone the same way, as both blanks went to him, but I managed to survive nevertheless thanks to consistent scoring, and my early employing of the nuclear option, BIB/B(RULE)*.

Sal Piro, fairly balanced game, 11 point win.

Great tiles against Lydia Kerias, aided by my opening play double-double HAPL(O)NTS, but I almost blew it when I let my clock dwindle to about 15 minutes trying to find the double-double in BEMRS??, with the E or A in the third spot hooking NOT. Lydia then got a couple of easy high scores, while my clock continued to dwindle, and a few turns later I tried to save some time by throwing down AW(N)IER* and losing my turn. Lydia then bingoed along that line and nearly caught up, and I was lucky to escape.

Okay, this is funny. 4th round, Winter playing Fall--Nicholas Fall. What isn't funny is Nick's drawing both blanks, bingoing with each, 7 power tiles in all, and winning by 15. Had I won that game, I would have been able to see 1900 by my name for the first time ever (even if it didn't last thru the tourney)

Crazy game against Jan Dixon, in which I gave up a ton of equity at the end by not taking enough time to an out bingo which would have stuck her with the X and Z. As the tournament progressed, I'd be cursing myself for giving up all that spread.

Annotated Game

Yvonne Lobo, slapped down UN to her AVOWED immediately and got the challenge. Then proceeded to run away with it.

My second chance at hitting 1900 was frustrated by another 1400s player, the bottom of the group, Thomas Hogeboom. Just like Nicholas Fall, he undisputedly bagged me. I found it particularly annoying to lose to a player who opens with EMETINE and plays it for 70 instead of 74. Come on now.

Annotated Game

Final round of the day, two blanks and three esses against Ben Schoenbrun, and he described it as a bagging. Given that he scored 55 with the X and 60 with the J, and that my second blank bingo was lEPTONS, I think luckbagging is a bit of an overstatement. Until the end, he at least had somewhat of a chance. But it's all relative I suppose.

I finished up pretty early that day, around 5:30, and that left me quite a lot of time before bed. Enough time, in fact, to drive to down to a suburb of Albany and visit my son David... if his mother had allowed it. Sandra, though, had never allowed me to see my son, and I cannot say that she did not have good reason, at least not when he was born. You see, back in 1996, when I was just 24 and just out of college, I had no interest being a father. I even discussed this with my own father once, when I was feeling lonely, and he said I should wait. So when Sandra called me up with an odd tone in her voice (I was already dreading what she would say, just from her tone), to report that her doctor had given her the "happy news", I was devastated.

I'm getting ahead of myself, though, because to understand the situation, you have to understand the nature of our relationship. Sandra was younger than I was, and still at the University of Texas while I was married to Jean. As my marriage deteriorated, I spent more and more time away from the apartment, and occasionally I took trips back to Austen to reminisce about happier times (not really happier, but better than life with Jean). I called up Sandra one weekend, and we headed out on the town. Jeez, has it been and that long, and am I that old now--I can't even remember where we went. What I do remember is stopping at a liquor store (at her urging), and stopping to buy some cards (or maybe I had them in the car). We went back to her dorm to play poker, then strip poker, all the while drinking.

Up to that point Sandra and I had never been more than friends, and since she knew I was married (but having problems), I didn't really have a reason to expect anything. Except for the white blouse. It was very provocative, the white blouse, practically transparent, and the bra underneath did provide much more cover. In the lights of her dorm room, the blouse and bra left little to the imagination, and that in turn prompted me to suggest moving upping the ante from quarters and dollars to clothing.

Given all the alcohol consumed that night, my relationship with Sandra could certainly have gone a different way. Just a week or two ago, NPR aired a series of reports about rape, and it was mentioned that most, or all, states have laws that assert that a woman cannot give consent if she is intoxicated past a certain point. Whether Sandra had reached that point is something that nobody, not myself, not even Sandra herself, will ever know. She did say no at first, although she later stopped protesting, and had the rest of the evening not turned out how it did, I might have left worried about a rape charge. However, given that Sandra initiated the sex the second and third times, and that that night began a long affair, the question of rape was never an issue.

During our affair Sandra and I explicitly talked about being boyfriend/girlfriend, and Sandra did not want that. I have vague memories that we also discussed pregnancy, and I'm pretty sure Sandra said she would "take care of it". Thus you can imagine that I was surprised when I Sandra called me up a few days after revealing her news and told me she wanted to keep the baby. In retrospect, I could have handled the issue with more sensivity. Instead, I was assertive and aggressive, even hostile, in my demanding that she have an abortion, in my insistence that we had had an agreement. After several weeks and many phone calls back and forth, Sandra finally cut off all communication.

Most women would probably be offended by the notion that women are accorded too many rights when it comes to children, at least in America. Courts lean heavily in favor of custody rights for the mother, but that's not what concerns me the most. As far as I know, no country in the world forces a woman to have an abortion if the male partner does not wish to become a father, and that is surprising given the predominantly male-dominated culture that has persisted in most societies. This doesn't make sense to me, because if there is no consent by a male to having a child, then is he not being violated by being forced to become a father?

Nine months later I tried calling her again to see what had finally happened, and Sandra finally took my call. She said she had indeed had the baby and named him David (not a name I would have chosen, way too ordinary). She also said I would never see him. Nothing I said would persuade Sandra otherwise, and after a few years, when I ended up having to serve that six-month prison sentence, I had to drop the issue. When I was released from prison, I had other things preoccupying my attention (see previous blogs), and with my financial troubles I really couldn't pursue the matter. When I went to see a lawyer, he was very frank in what he told me: "Winter, the fact that you came in through these doors, that tells me something. It tells me that I'm the best that you can afford. If we go forward with this, it's going to take money--a lot of it. This is David and Golitah, so I gotta ask you--are you sure you want to do this?"

A decade, plus a few years, is a long time, however, and as a man gets older his priorities change. I began to feel that longing to be a father, and I tried to make contact with Sandra again. She was no longer in Texas, however, and I had to pour some money into a private investigator, who finally tracked her down to a house at 23 Shepard Ave in Albany. The PI was able to confirm for me that Sandra and David were doing okay, and that David seemed to be staying out of trouble, even without a fatherly presence. According to the PI, my son was turning out to be quite the piano players, and I took great pride in that. I had given up the piano in my early teens, and I still felt longings to feel my fingers on those ivory keys.

Yes, my son was just barely an hour away, and I could have shown up at Sandra's door, but what was the point? Even if David happened to be there, every indication was that Sandra would not let me in the house. I don't know if she would call the police, but I couldn't rule it out. David was 13, and if I waited just 5 years and had my PI keep tabs on them, when he turned 18 and went to college I'd be able to approach him without Sandra there to intervene.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

6:34 - Struggled to fall back asleep.

7:10 - Mr. Sandman might bring good dreams, but the same can't be said of Mr. Plowman. With the snowplow's constant beeping and scraping, there was no point trying to get more sleep.

First of six critical games gone, destroyed, lost to a straight-up outdrawing courtesy of Luckbaggy Smurf. Worst part about the game, that I played VAS at N2 to give myself a possible surprise 40-50 point play. Well, I didn't draw the K, Jason did, and he missed the 44-point DEKE at the end!!!

Just the reverse against Lipe, though. Actually, no, we split blanks, but I had much better tiles for a solid win.

Got the breaks against Bernard Gotlieb to go to 8, and meanwhile Benjy had beaten Smurfy, leaving them both at 9. Lipey had lost his third in a row to stay at 7, while Brad and Jan were out of it. All of a sudden my chances of winning the tournament were looking really good.

On second thought, FUCK THE MOTHERFUCKING SMURFS, MAN!!! FUCKING LUCKBAGGY SMURF LUCKBAGS ME AGAIN. He gets an easy-ass SANDIER to my YAMEN, while I have to find LUNGEES. Then he gets easy-ass triple-triple RE(L)IEvOS, while I'm looking at a second trip-trip line, a blank on my rack, but GJLOQR!!! FUUUUUUCKKKKKK!!!! With 54 for J(E)LlO and an S, X, and Z unseen, I could still have caught up, but fucking Smurfy and his fucking Smurf luck managed to fucking stay ahead. FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!

I had to console myself with a yummy burrito, and the knowledge that I could tease poor Rebecca about it later.

Final two games, Benjy again, and in those he has legitimate claim that I outdrew him. Unfortunately, I continued to make the same spread-squelching mistakes that had been plaguing me the whole tournament. ZETE* instead of ZETA, for example. By myself, in those two games, I was not able to catch Smurfy on spread to win 2nd place. Thankfully, Lipey was on the job.

Chris managed to take Jason for 90 points, and that was enough for me to win 2nd, a pretty nice $525 haul. Add to that my EB prize, and the total $660 was my 2nd largest win ever. Well, I certainly can't say that Chris Lipe never did nothing for me. I suppose it's only fair that, should Lipey ever have need of my special "services", that I should give him a discount.

While we waited for the awards, the conversation turned to the topic of my blog, and Sherrie's unfair and egregiously abusive suspension of my CGP privileges. I was complaining about how my hit count had dropped dramatically because of all the CGPers who did not have the link, and Linley asked if I was still having fun with it. I said of course, that my blog yielded me no end of laughs, and then Linley dropped the quote of the tournament: "Who needs the prospect of getting laid when you have your blog."

"From the mouths of babes comes wisdom," they say. DAMN STRAIGHT!!! Linley has it right! Fuck da hozz, yo. Bitches alwayz disappoint, sooner or later. But my blog will never stop giving me laughs. When I'm rotting in a Chinese prison, in solitary, I'm going to have anecdotes out the yingetty-yang to keep me smiling indefinitely.


#1 - W - Williams    
1.7 Q(A)T  
0 (G)ENII  
0 (R)ESTAtE  
1.7 AERIE  
3.2 LINGO  
3.5 KLON(G)  
0 JO(L)E  
0 BRIO  
5.9 FUGI(O)  
2 WORE  
3.3 H(O)YA  
0 ADZ  
#2 - W - Piro    
0 V(I)G  
1.6 TO(G)UE  
6.7 HEIST  
0 QI  
3.6 COLOgNE  
0 STURM* (don't ask y I didn't play STRUM)  
0 JOEY  
0.5 FA  
1.3* COARS(E)  
4 (Z)OEa  
#3 - W - Whitmarsh    
1.8 eMPORIA 8B  
0 GE(E)Z  
1.2 MU(S)E  
0 BANE  
5.7 (H)IP  
38.3 IT (D)ISTRAIT,(S)ITARIST,(S)ATIRIST (yeah I know Brad woulda found them--I suck)
44.9 OD (C)ODRIVER (god Brad's gonna hate me when he sees this)
0 (O)RRERY  
50.6 (PI)G Quackle likes (J)UGA BUT I SHOULD HAVE PASSED
0 D(JINN)  
0 (A)T  
#4 - L - Ben Schoenbrun    
0 BOA ABO would have left another line open
9.8 NISEO  
2.6 WHOP  
10.2 FLI(T) FIL(L)IP
14.2 HIP miss P(RESENTED)
15.2 DIRAM  
1.8 (C)OME (C)AMEO
3.4 DEX  
0 FAZE  
#5 - W - Lobo    
0 AGO 8F  
8 M(O)W  
0 LEADI(e)ST  
3.9 (L)OCH  
0 NOMO(S) (need to draw challenge)  
5.1 C(O)FT  
0 WE  
1.8 FE (AM)BE(E)R/B(I)/E(T)/R(ET)
6.3 PI  
10 A(N)Y  
3 (F)ER  
#6 - L - Rackham    
7.4 F(A)QIR FOX (too eager to ditch Q)
13.8 CI(G)AR  
2.7 DR(E)G  
0 RELUM*  
0.3 PY(E)  
0 BEAD  
15.1 W(i)T getting desperate
1.1 TONG  
20 (C)ONK  
4 F(L)EW  
0 T(O)M  
#7 - W - Keller    
0 U(N)BITTeR  
6.7 ENTER(ON)  
6.4 (R)AFT  
8.1 ZINS  
13.1 MM  
0 JO  
0.3 BIDI  
9.6 FOILED  
6.3 (E)VE  
0 QI  
0 SAG  
#8 - W - Rackham    
0 GYV(E)R*  
0 COO  
0 QATS  
3.8 RADII  
0 dE(C)OYING  
7.4 TOE  
0 F(E)UED  
0 HOE  
8.4 AAL  
6 DONATES miss S (KEEN) hook
0 (H)UN  
0 WEN  

1 - W - 1.9 (24.3)
2 - W - 1.9 (24.6)
3 - W - 10.5 (157.4)
4 - L - 5.2 (57.2)
5 - W - 3.9 (58)
6 - L - 5.0 (65.5)
7 - W - 6.0 (84.1)
8 - W - 2.0 (25.6)

Avg: 4.6

#1 - W - Hall    
0 PAX  
0 HAKU  
0.9 PO(N)D miss W(HUP) hook
1.7 BIB/B(RULE)*  
3.4 AFT (way more defensive)  
0 JE(H)U  
2.2 (E)LF  
5.9 (NE)G  
2 (D)ID  
#2 - W - Piro    
2.4 PEEK  
0 -EFQV (DE?)  
1.1 NAIF  
5.4 TRA(N)Q  
0.5 CH(A)OS  
0 ROUG(E)  
2 G(I)VE  
5 LO(U)R  
#3 - W - Lydia Kerias    
0 QI  
48.9 MaRBlES w(HI)MBRElS,cRaMBES (unsure),BlaMERS,meMBRa(NE)S
0 FEE  
2.4 CI(S)TERN  
37.4 lose turn AW(N)IER*  
6.9 AUREI  
3 YOW  
0 YIN  
3.2 FEN  
0 ZEAL  
4 VIM miss M(ALAR) hook (saw earlier but unsure, then forgot)
#4 - L - Fall    
2.3 MOOT  
6.4 VI(C)E  
7.4 OU(D) weak gamble
4 DREE  
0 ABRI  
0 (A)XONE  
0 POSH  
0.5 (JO)W(L)  
5.4 MA Quackle wrong--bingo leave useless on this board
0 T(O)G  
0 SNIT  
#5 - W - Dixon    
9.6 PEWIT COWPIE (unsure)
4.1 SOU  
2.1 INLA(N)DER  
16.5 ZA ZAIRE (miss spot)
0.1 AHI  
0 JI(V)ER  
12.6 HA(J)  
59 lose turn (E)ROTIclY* TRIsOmY,(E)lYTROId,(E)nORmITY,anTIROY(AL),ThYROId(AL)
63 OY  
0 (MI)s  
0 T(OY)  
0 I(N)  
0 (O)R  
0 (HAJ)j  
#6 - W - Lobo    
0 GR(A)ND  
6.2 FLESH  
1.9 MAC  
0 ET  
7.6 (BO)OTING  
0* EF block possible (Q)UIZ or (Q)UAI
0 JU(B)A  
2 ARENa  
#7 - W - Hogeboom    
1.9 (C)OMB  
1.3 (B)OLA  
1.9 QATS  
6.8 (M)Y E(D)DY
10.9 DO too gambly
0.1 VI(ER)  
5.8 BUR(A)S  
2.5 HE  
0 OFAY  
1 GE(L)  
#8 - W - Schoenbrun    
2.1 -OPQV (ENT)  
0.2 RET(A)iNED  
0.8 VAC  
11.8 GLEAN  
0 FIN  
0 HOB  
9.3 NEG  
1.8 SURFED  
0 (P)OORI  
2 (M)I  
#9 - L - Keller    
2.5 VIS  
8.8 LI(T)  
6.2 VAS (hoping for K hook)  
0 DUI  
0 G(O)Y  
18.3 G(O) frustated--played too quickly
0.2 DA(H)  
4 O(M)  
0 EH  
6 NU  
0 TIN  
#10 - W - Lipe    
2.8 QU(O)D  
1.4 FARD  
13.6 (S)HIVA HAVER (unsure)
8 RAWER (H)EWER,WALER (unsure)
0 ZEIN  
9.7 BL(E)NT  
0 (Q)UAIL  
7.1 MOAS  
13.9 JOE  
5 YA  
#11 - W - Gotlieb    
10 MAAR  
0.2 DrAGOO(N)S  
0 WAFE(R)  
0 THY  
0 RIB  
3.7 JE(U)  
0 TH(AN)  
0 QUIR(K)  
0 LOB(O)  
#12 - L - Keller    
6.6 YAMEN  
0* J(E)LlO  
0* PHT  
0.9 QI  
0* BRAW(l)  
2.1 WO  
4.4 (A)L(B)A  
2.1 Z(I)G B(I)Z
5.9 BU(N) (gotta open board)  
1.1 (G)OAT  
0 SAUC(Y)  
#13 - Schoenbrun    
0.1 dEFRA(Y)ED  
47.2 lose turn (ZETE*)  
1.2 ZEE  
4.8 BRAVI  
0 HO(O)P  
30.4 AI(T) (Z)AIKAI
5.2 KOR  
15 DAIS unsure of (REDO)s
#14 - Schoenbrun    
1.5 TWAE 8H why 8F???
2.9 MI  
48.4 lose turn (BOLITES*) BLO(W)IEST
27.3 BOITES  
4.7 T(A)IL  
6.2 (D)O(U)X  
2.5 MA(G)nETiC  
3.7 JO  
2.6 P(I)C  
0 (G)OY  

1 - W - 3.1 (43.3)
2 - W - 2.3 (27.4)
3 - W - 8.5 (110.8)
4 - L - 8.6 (128.4)
5 - W - 13.1 (222.6)
6 - W - 2.2 (31.2)
7 - L - 2.8 (39.4)
8 - W - 3.2 (44.2)
9 - L - 3.6 (50.5)
10 - W - 6.0 (71.5)
11 - W - 2.1 (26.7)
12 - L - 4.0 (52.1)
13 - W - 9.2 (109.9)
14 - W - 7.8 (101.8)

Avg: 5.5

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