Starbucks Travel Logs

During the summer of 1997 a Starbucks opened a few hundred feet from my apartment complex in Plano, TX. I took to hanging out there to do my offsite computer programming work. While discussing how quickly Starbucks was growing, the idea of trying to visit every Starbucks in the world entered my mind. Soon there after, I began hunting down Starbucks in the Dallas area, and then in Houston when I moved down there for a contract in January of '98. In June of '98, I made my first long road trip, out west. Years, and many road trips, later, I decided that I should document my travels in case I every decide to write a book.

Here are the travel logs I've completed so far. I can accept no resposibility for any eye-glazage that might occur due to the tedious level of detail contained therein.

The Mini Implosion Tour
'08 Holiday Trip
World Tour
'07 Christmas Trip
Pennsylvania Bound
Promotion, Promotion, Promotion
What Is Puerto Rico Anyway???
Perfectly Positioned in Princeton, Part Two
As Fastly As I Wanna Be (or Death to Smoochy)
No Thanks for the Weather!
China, Kind Of
The California Life
The Civic's Last Gasp?
Mexico City
Get 500 Or Die Tryin'
"You Can Do It!"
The Inspection Tour
Assault on California
Farther Into Canada!
Not Bangor, But Bust
Spring Break: The Movie
Look Kids, It's Big Ben...
The Great Escape
Indigo Surprise
Destination: Elkridge
The One Where Winter (Almost) Conquers California
The Magical Schmoopie Tour
Three Reporters and a Schmoopie
October 2003 to present
October 2003 (Texas to New Jersey)(not yet completed)
September 2003 (Mid-Atlantic/South)(not yet completed)
July 2003 (Nevada/California)
May 2003 (mid-west) (not yet completed)
May 2003 (London) (not yet completed)
May 2003 (northeast) (not yet completed)
April 2003 (California)
Christmas 2002 (Colorado)
November 09-12 2002 (College Station, TX)
September 2002 (mid-west)
July-September 2002 (entire continent)
May 23 2002
August-September 1999 (coast-to-coast)
July 1999 (Seattle/Vancouver)
June 1999 (Kansas City, St. Louis, Charlottesville, Northern Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland)
May 1999 (London)
April 1999 (Toronto)
April 1999 (New Mexico, Las Vegas)
October 1998 (Raleigh/Greensboro)
August 1998 (Denver)
July 1998 (San Antonio)
June-July 1998 (Phoenix, Las Vegas, Southern California)
August 1997 (Minneapolis)
June 1997 (Minneapolis)

I'm a numbers fiend, so here are some (extremely outdated) statistics about my travels.


Since December 2002, my traveling has been split between Starbucks and competitive Scrabble. You can read about my Scrabbling adventures here.