Starbucks in Virginia Remote Markets

I-81 & Exit 7, Bristol, Virginia
OPENED: 9/22/2006, PHOTO: 3/25/2007

NASCAR, anybody?

Culpepper, North, Culpeper, Virginia
OPENED: 3/16/2007, PHOTO: 3/24/2007

Danville Mall Pad, Danville, Virginia
OPENED: 8/4/2017, PHOTO: 8/18/2017


Front Royal, Front Royal, Virginia
OPENED: 6/27/2008, PHOTO: 8/27/2008

James Madison Square, Harrisonburg, Virginia
OPENED: 3/23/2007, PHOTO: 3/24/2007

Oh, hell yeah! This store is right across from James Madison University, and you know what that means. Yeah, boy, coeds! A steady stream of them continuously crossing the road. Even just one day after opening the place was slammed with wall-to-wall cuties.

Haymarket, VA, Haymarket, Virginia
OPENED: 4/23/2013, PHOTO: 12/13/2013

Haymarket is quite a ways out from the greater DC metroplex, but if you make it out there, you'll see some of the best use of repurposed wood, behind the bar, at this LEED-certified store.

King George Gateway, King George, Virginia
OPENED: 4/7/2016, PHOTO: 5/27/2016


Purcellville Gateway, Purcellville, Virginia
OPENED: 1/23/2015, PHOTO: 2/24/2015


Staunton, Staunton, Virginia
OPENED: 11/16/2007, PHOTO: 11/26/2014, ORIGINAL VISIT: 2/17/2008


S. Pleasant Valley & W. Jubal Early, Winchester, Virginia
OPENED: 7/31/2015, PHOTO: 10/11/2015


Winchester Gateway, Winchester, Virginia
OPENED: 10/6/2006, PHOTO: 3/24/2007

Starbucks finally hits Winchester, the only town in America where every citizen is required to own a rifle.

Wytheville, Wytheville, Virginia
OPENED: 8/11/2008, PHOTO: 9/1/2008