Debenhams Cevahir (Dead)

Okay, I'm not sure this store is labeled correctly, as far as the Starbucks website goes. There are two stores in this mall, about 50 metres from one another. The receipt for this one reads "STARBUCKS COFFEE DEBENHAMS", but the listing I used from the website reads "Debenhams Cevahir (Dead)". But that's not all. There is another listing on the website, "Debenhams Cevahir 99048 (Closed)", and when I inquired, I learned that it had merely closed for "repair" (he probably meant renovation) and reopened in the same place. So basically, I don't understand the listings--all I know is that I've been to two stores in the mall. That works for now, but if they ever relocate either of the two stores in the future, I might have trouble figuring that out.