Starbucks in Kansas City Kansas


10620 Parallel Prkwy-KCK Speedway, Kansas City, Kansas

OPENED: 6/20/2014, PHOTO: 12/5/2014

Across the road from the racetrack, but unfortunately displays no photographs or other decorations reflecting that.

135th & Briar, Leawood, Kansas

OPENED: 2/9/2007, PHOTO: 5/16/2007

If you're lucky, you might see some beauties sunbathing outside this store. At least until they read this caption and decide to move elsewhere.

I-435 and 87th, Lenexa, Kansas

OPENED: 2/3/2020, PHOTO: 6/2/2020


West 87th and Pflumm, Lenexa, Kansas

OPENED: 3/23/2018, PHOTO: 4/27/2018


Johnson and Walmer, Mission, Kansas

OPENED: 8/27/2015, PHOTO: 7/20/2016

119th & Blackbob, Olathe, Kansas

OPENED: 5/12/2006, PHOTO: 5/16/2007

119th & I 35, Olathe, Kansas

OPENED: 1/25/2008, PHOTO: 6/23/2008

135th & Blackbob, Olathe, Kansas

OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 3/24/2006, ORIGINAL VISIT: 4/1/2001

151st & Blackbob, Olathe, Kansas

OPENED: 10/26/2007, PHOTO: 6/23/2008

The only store I have seen with a stained-glass door.

Santa Fe & Parker - Olathe, Olathe, Kansas

OPENED: 7/11/2019, PHOTO: 6/2/2020


119th & Glenwood - The Fountains, Overland Park, Kansas

OPENED: 11/18/2016, PHOTO: 5/14/2017


119th St. & Hwy 69, Overland Park, Kansas

OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 5/24/2002

This generally ordinary store had one cool feature, a private little nook in the back of the store. Oh, there was also a small stone fountain atop the condiment bar. I liked the Christmas stockings for each partner, but they will surely be gone by the time I get around to writing this.

127th & Antioch, Overland Park, Kansas

OPENED: 3/7/2008, PHOTO: 6/23/2008

135th & Metcalf Ave, Overland Park, Kansas

OPENED: 7/27/2020, PHOTO: 9/15/2020


135th & Quivira, Overland Park, Kansas

OPENED: 11/19/2015, PHOTO: 7/20/2016

151st & Hardy - Overland Park, Overland Park, Kansas

OPENED: 7/27/2018, PHOTO: 8/24/2018

151st & Marty Street, Overland Park, Kansas

OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 2/5/2006

89th and Metcalf, Overland Park, Kansas

OPENED: 4/20/2007, PHOTO: 5/16/2007

95th and Antioch, Overland Park, Kansas

OPENED: 3/31/2017, PHOTO: 5/14/2017


College & Quivira - Overland Park, Overland Park, Kansas

OPENED: 1/13/2018, PHOTO: 4/27/2018


Oak Park Mall, Overland Park, Kansas

OPENED: 9/22/2017, PHOTO: 4/27/2018


Overland Park - 75th & I35, Overland Park, Kansas

OPENED: 8/7/2014, PHOTO: 12/5/2014

This is one of just a handful of walk-up/drive-thru locations conzstructed out of a repurposed shipping container.

Ranch Mart South, 95th & Mission, Overland Park, Kansas

OPENED: 2/13/2013, PHOTO: 3/10/2013

This LEED certified store has a table with power outlets that are recessed into the wood and pull up when needed.

6920 Mission Rd-Prairie Village, Prairie Village, Kansas

OPENED: 4/25/2014, PHOTO: 12/5/2014

This relocation takes me back to one of my early Starbucking adventures, way back in 1999 when I sped northward from Texas towards the Midwest, blowing through Kansas along the way. This store truly benefits from the relocation and is an order of magnitude prettier than the original.

Shawnee Mission & Monticello, Shawnee, Kansas

OPENED: 11/30/2007, PHOTO: 6/23/2008

Shawnee Mission Pkwy & Quivira, Shawnee, Kansas

OPENED: 1/18/2015, PHOTO: 5/7/2015


Closed Stores
Note that some stores listed as closed are either relocations or changed ownership status from Starbucks to a licensee.
CLOSED - 20 April 2014 Prairie Village
CLOSED - 12 July 2009 135th & Metcalf
CLOSED - 31 December 2018 75th and Quivira
CLOSED - 19 March 2018 87th and Pflumm
CLOSED - 31 December 2018 9932 College Blvd - Corporate Woods
CLOSED - 15 November 2016 119th and Glenwood - The Fountains
CLOSED - 21 February 2010 Leawood Plaza
CLOSED - 23 October 2008 95th & Quivira
CLOSED - 13 October 2008 College & Pflumm
CLOSED - 19 March 2018 87th and Pflumm
CLOSED - 19 March 2018 87th and Pflumm

Licensed Stores (not operated by Starbucks or the primary/exclusive partner/licensee)
Hen House #34 - Overland Park
Hen House-Leawood #24
Hy-Vee @ Olathe #1
Marriott Overland Park
Price Chopper-Olathe #40
Super Target Olathe ST-1756
Super Target Overland Park ST-1757
Target Olathe South T-1543
Target Overland Park South T-1842
Target Overland Park W T-2043
Hen House #22- Prairie Village
Price Chopper - Kansas City, KS #6
Super Target Overland Park ST-1757
Target Kansas City T-2222
Target Mission T-1487
Teavana - Oak Park Mall
Cosentino`s-Overland Park
Price Chopper Leawood 121
Hy-Vee Prairie Village
Hy-Vee Shawnee
Hy-Vee Overland Park 2 #1509