Starbucks in St Louis


Gravois and Rock Hill-Affton, Affton, Missouri

OPENED: 8/29/2016, PHOTO: 3/28/2017


Arnold Crossroads, Arnold, Missouri

OPENED: 1/20/2012, PHOTO: 5/5/2015, ORIGINAL VISIT: 3/10/2013

This store displays three old photographs, donated by the Arnold Historical Society, depicting events in the history of flight.

Manchester & Ries, Ballwin, Missouri

OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 9/24/2002


Brentwood & White, Brentwood, Missouri

OPENED: 7/21/2006, PHOTO: 5/17/2007

Natural Bridge & St Charles Rock Rd, Bridgeton, Missouri

OPENED: 3/1/2021, PHOTO: 4/26/2021


Chesterfield Commons, Chesterfield, Missouri

OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 9/24/2002

Clarkson & Baxter, Chesterfield, Missouri

OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 9/24/2002

When you visit this store, steel yourself for a long journey down a long lobby, seeming to widen because of the tile, before you actually reach the counter to order your coffee. At least you'll have time to think about your order. Now, I prefer to photograph buildings rather than people, so I've never made an effort to take photographs of the baristas at all these Starbucks, but at the request of the excitable Emily, here you go... Sean and Emily--two cool baristas!

Olive & Woodsmill - Chesterfield, Chesterfield, Missouri

OPENED: 1/5/2017, PHOTO: 3/28/2017

The first drive-thru/walk-up only store in the Saint Louis market!

Forsyth & N Central, Clayton, Missouri

OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 11/22/2000

Despite it's rectangular exterior, the way that the inside is divided into sections by angled walls makes this store appeared almost curved.

Hanley & Wydown, Clayton, Missouri

OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 1/5/2011, ORIGINAL VISIT: 11/22/2000

The quaint exterior of this store is appallingly marred by the sterile looking inside (when I visited--it might have been remodeled since). The overly light tile across the vast expanse of floor makes the interior resemble that of a hospital cafeteria.

Watson & Old Sappington, Crestwood, Missouri

OPENED: 11/29/2007, PHOTO: 6/18/2008


Olive & Craig, Creve Coeur, Missouri

OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 11/9/1999

This store, in the heart of the municipality of Creve Coeur, was one of the few I chanced to visit during my first trip to St. Louis, before my stomach virus made further caffeination seem unwise.

Hwy. 141 & Gravois, Fenton, Missouri

OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 7/1/2004

W Florissant & Somerset - Ferguson, Ferguson, Missouri

OPENED: 4/29/2016, PHOTO: 3/28/2017

The second of a series of community stores built in lower-income neighborhoods.

Graham & I 270, Florissant, Missouri

OPENED: 9/29/2007, PHOTO: 6/18/2008

N Lindbergh and New Halls Ferry, Florissant, Missouri

OPENED: 5/6/2016, PHOTO: 3/28/2017


I-270 & Lindbergh, Hazelwood, Missouri

OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 3/20/2005

Kirkwood Pioneer Place, Kirkwood, Missouri

OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 11/9/1999

I visited this store during my third trip through St. Louis, which was met with much greater success than the first two. Back in June of '99, a flattened tire and stomach virus prevented me from visiting all of the relatively small number of stores in the city. Then in August, I lost so much time in traffic that I had to bypass the stores and speed along to Kansas City for Lilith Fair. But in November of that same year I returned in the wee hours, managing to slide into the city and past downtown before the rush hour and continue my mission.

Lindbergh & Clayton, Ladue, Missouri

OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 1/5/2011, ORIGINAL VISIT: 3/20/2005


SR-N & Hawk Ridge, Lake St. Louis, Missouri

OPENED: 3/22/2007, PHOTO: 5/17/2007


Manchester & Braeshire Rd, Manchester, Missouri

OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 5/18/2009

Page & Ball, Maryland Heights, Missouri

OPENED: 12/6/2016, PHOTO: 3/28/2017


SR-K & Laura Hill Rd, OFallon, Missouri

OPENED: 9/22/2006, PHOTO: 5/17/2007


SR-K & Weldon Spring, OFallon, Missouri

OPENED: 6/30/2006, PHOTO: 5/17/2007

Hanley & Dale, Richmond nHeights, Missouri

OPENED: 9/6/2018, PHOTO: 5/15/2019


Lindbergh & St Charles Rock Rd, St Ann, Missouri

OPENED: 6/15/2017, PHOTO: 4/26/2018


Hampton and Wise, St Louis, Missouri

OPENED: 5/24/2021, PHOTO: 5/31/2021

The first drive-thru/walk-up only store in the city of St. Louis.

5th & Boonslick, St. Charles, Missouri

OPENED: 9/1/2006, PHOTO: 5/17/2007


Big Bend & Dougherty Ferry, St. Louis, Missouri

OPENED: 9/29/2006, PHOTO: 5/17/2007

Central West End, St. Louis, Missouri

OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 3/20/2005, ORIGINAL VISIT: 11/9/1999

Built in an old Italian restaurant, this store is located in the West End, which is the most European part of the city, and popular for both daytime shopping and night life.

Chippewa & Lansdowne, St. Louis, Missouri

OPENED: 9/8/2006, PHOTO: 5/17/2007


Grand Ave & Forest Park, St. Louis, Missouri

OPENED: 9/29/2012, PHOTO: 3/10/2013

This store, built in an old Del Taco that might have been a gas station before that, boasts a shape that is fairly uniquee. On top of that, this is a Reserve store, and you will find some cool St. Louis-themed local artwork near the bar, and old photographs of St. Louis along the hallway next to the bathrooms.

Kings & Chippewa, St. Louis, Missouri

OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 3/20/2005

Lindbergh and Lemay Ferry, St. Louis, Missouri

OPENED: 5/1/2014, PHOTO: 5/5/2015


Loughborough & I 55, St. Louis, Missouri

OPENED: 10/1/2007, PHOTO: 6/18/2008


Manchester & McKnight, St. Louis, Missouri

OPENED: 11/26/2007, PHOTO: 6/18/2008

S Jefferson and Walnut, St. Louis, Missouri

OPENED: 3/8/2021, PHOTO: 4/25/2021


St Louis - S Grand and Sidney, St. Louis, Missouri

OPENED: 7/3/2015, PHOTO: 3/28/2017

Tesson Ferry, St. Louis, Missouri

OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 11/22/2000

Hwy 94 & Mid Rivers, St. Peters, Missouri

OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 6/4/2004

Big up to my man Louie da whiz kid!

Mexico & Mid Rivers Mall Dr, St. Peters, Missouri

OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 5/17/2007, ORIGINAL VISIT: 10/6/2003

Watson and Lindbergh, Sunset Hills, Missouri

OPENED: 6/25/2016, PHOTO: 8/5/2016


Clayton Rd & Mason, Town & Country, Missouri

OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 11/22/2000

Town and Country Crossing, Town and Country, Missouri

OPENED: 11/3/2017, PHOTO: 4/26/2018


Delmar & North & South, University City, Missouri

OPENED: 6/20/2007, PHOTO: 6/18/2008

Delmar Loop, University City, Missouri

OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 1/5/2011, ORIGINAL VISIT: 11/9/1999

It's close proximity to both Washington and St. Louis Universities is evidenced by the myriad students hard at work (hah!) in the store. On a later visit I noticed a really cool display of HUNDREDS of Starbucks cards!

Hwy 141 & I-44, Valley Park, Missouri

OPENED: 12/1/2006, PHOTO: 5/17/2007

24 hours!

Webster Groves, Webster Groves, Missouri

OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 11/22/2000

Taylor & Manchester, Wildwood, Missouri

OPENED: 7/8/2005, PHOTO: 3/26/2006

Closed Stores
Note that some stores listed as closed are either relocations or changed ownership status from Starbucks to a licensee.
CLOSED - January 2008 Manchester Rd.
CLOSED - 21 February 2010 Clayton Rd. - Ladue
CLOSED - 11 October 2010 St. Louis Galleria Kiosk
CLOSED - St. Louis Galleria
CLOSED - 11 October 2010 St. Louis Galleria Kiosk
CLOSED - 03 November 2008 St. Louis Galleria Relocation
CLOSED - 14 August 2009 Chesterfield Mall
CLOSED - 25 May 2009 Howdershell & Dunn
CLOSED - West Florissan @ Lucas & Hunt
CLOSED - October 2020 Olive & Price
CLOSED - 24 April 2009 Manchester & Sappington
CLOSED - 04 September 2009 Telegraph & Erb
CLOSED - 04 September 2009 Telegraph & Erb
CLOSED - 10 October 2008 Hwy 100 & South Pointe
CLOSED - 26 September 2008 SR N & I 64
CLOSED - 14 November 2008 Hwy 94 & OFallon
CLOSED - 25 September 2009 Elm & SH-370
CLOSED - 19 September 2008 Euclid & Laclede
CLOSED - 24 April 2009 Lockwood & Rock Hill
CLOSED - 26 September 2008 7th & Russell
CLOSED - October 2020 St Louis Galleria
CLOSED - February 2021 West County Center - Floor 1 South
CLOSED - 08 February 2021 Olive & 6th
CLOSED - 10th & Market
CLOSED - 17 October 2008 St. Louis Union Station
CLOSED - October 2020 West Port Plaza - St. Louis
CLOSED - 26 September 2008 Clayton & Baxter
CLOSED - 26 September 2008 Clayton & Baxter
CLOSED - 24 April 2009 Lockwood & Rock Hill
CLOSED - January 2021 South County Center
CLOSED - 08 February 2021 Olive & 6th
CLOSED - 08 February 2021 Olive & 6th
CLOSED - February 2021 West County Center - Floor 1 South

Licensed Stores (not operated by Starbucks or the primary/exclusive partner/licensee)
St. Louis Mills
STL Terminal 2 Gate E18
St. Louis Hilton at the Ballpark
Target Chesterfield/T & C T-1952
Target Hampton Vlg St Louis T-1515
STL Terminal 1 Baggage Claim
STL Terminal 2 Pre-security
Target Brentwood T-1102
STL Terminal 1 Gate A5
STL Terminal 1 Gate C17
STL Terminal 1 Gate C2
Marriott St. Louis Grand
Hyatt Regency Riverfront St. Louis
Target Arnold T-1278
Target Chesterfield T-1353
St. Louis Premium Outlets
Washington Univ-Olin Business Schoo
St. Louis University
Cheshire Inn - Market
Teavana - St. Louis Galleria
Teavana - Plaza Frontenac Mall
Teavana - Prestige Chesterfield
Teavana - Chesterfield Mall
Teavana - West County
Dierbergs @ Brentwood Pointe
Dierbergs @ Des Peres
Dierbergs Lafayette Center
Target Kirkwood T-1279
Target Saint Louis T-1509
STL Terminal 2 Gate E29
St. Louis College of Pharmacy
Saint Louis Zoo
Maryville University Library
Target Fenton T-1314
Target Ballwin T-26
Ballpark Village
Westport Plaza
Hy-Vee Belton #1034