Starbucks in Winston Salem


Clemmons, Clemmons, North Carolina

OPENED: 8/3/2007, PHOTO: 12/30/2008, ORIGINAL VISIT: 11/9/2007

1020 S. Main Street, Kernersville, North Carolina

OPENED: 1/8/2016, PHOTO: 1/18/2016


Cloverdale & Miller, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

OPENED: 1/18/2019, PHOTO: 11/28/2019


Hanes Mall Blvd., Winston-Salem, North Carolina

OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 5/12/2003


Jonestown Rd., Winston-Salem, North Carolina

OPENED: 1/30/2007, PHOTO: 6/11/2007

Mt. Tabor Place, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 8/14/2020, ORIGINAL VISIT: 7/29/2002


Reynolda Road, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

OPENED: 6/1/2007, PHOTO: 6/11/2007

Stratford Road & Ricks Drive, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

OPENED: 9/8/2015, PHOTO: 11/8/2015

University Parkway, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

OPENED: 2/15/2007, PHOTO: 6/11/2007

AARRGHH!!! Come on, Starbucks people--pleeease stop giving stores the name (with a space prepended for the new one). I almost missed this store because there is already a University Parkway in Florida. Would have been too bad, too, because this is supposedly the largest in the state, and I was told the sunrise is great!

Closed Stores
Note that some stores listed as closed are either relocations or changed ownership status from Starbucks to a licensee.
CLOSED - 15 January 2019 Stratford Road
CLOSED - 08 November 2008 Harper Hill Common
CLOSED - 04 January 2016 Kernersville
CLOSED - December 2020 Hanes Mall Kiosk

Licensed Stores (not operated by Starbucks or the primary/exclusive partner/licensee)
Harris Teeter Winston Salem # 346
Target Winston-Salem North T-1077
Embassy Suites Winston-Salem
Harris Teeter-Kernersville #250
Target Kernersville T-2134
Wake Forest University Z. Smith Rey
T1086 Target - Winston-Salem
Harris Teeter Clemmons 228