Matthews Township - HT

Matthews, NC

This store surely had some puzzled baristas, on the evening of August 24th, as I rushed in, towel and toiletries in hand, plugged in my telephone, and disappeared into the grocery store in search of a bathroom. My attempt to save some time by using the rain to clean myself up was a wash--I just ended up covered in soap. But in the end, and legs, and arms, I was able to scrape all that soap off, change clothes, and cast off the appearance of homelessness--not that the homeless are known for drinking much espresso. I should have ordred that shot immediately, though, because the bar was down and it had to be poured using one of the small consumer machines, as I paced about frantically, hoping that Tori Amos would take her time before starting the show. She didn't, and the rainstorm on the way to the concert venue didn't help. But at least I got to see a Harris Teeter's (the dumbest name for a grocery store ever).

OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 8/25/1999