Starbucks in Grand Rapids


Byron Ctr - 84th & US-131, Byron Center, Michigan

OPENED: 11/19/2015, PHOTO: 6/3/2016


Wealthy St, East Grand Rapids, East Grand Rapids, Michigan

OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 8/15/2002

This store is as charming inside as it is outside, and as is the quiet neighborhood street on which it is located.

US-31 & Jackson Ave, Grand Haven, Grand Haven, Michigan

OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 4/3/2009, ORIGINAL VISIT: 5/21/2005


28th & Cascade, Grand Rapids, Michigan

OPENED: 9/26/2019, PHOTO: 10/27/2019


Burton & Rosemont, Grand Rapids, Michigan

OPENED: 11/1/2018, PHOTO: 5/12/2019

Unusual bar concept.

East Beltline & Knapp, Grand Rapids, Michigan

OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 12/20/2003

Whoa! Ain't no way to miss this store!

Fuller & I-196, Grand Rapids, Michigan

OPENED: 8/26/2019, PHOTO: 10/27/2019


Kentwood, 28th & M-37, Grand Rapids, Michigan

OPENED: 5/26/2006, PHOTO: 5/30/2012, ORIGINAL VISIT: 5/24/2007


Michigan Hill, Grand Rapids, Michigan

OPENED: 11/28/2011, PHOTO: 5/30/2012

As of my visit, this was the first new Michigan opening in three years. Nothing much to say about the kiosk, other than that it is in a new style, but if you look behind the store, thru the windows, you will see a cool historical mural.

Northland Dr & Plainfield Ave, Grand Rapids, Michigan

OPENED: 3/19/2007, PHOTO: 5/24/2007

Walker & I-96, Grand Rapids, Michigan

OPENED: 11/22/2018, PHOTO: 5/12/2019

This unusual store has a walkway leading to a unique Meijer petrol station/cafe concept.

Waterfall Shoppes - 28th & I-96, Grand Rapids, Michigan

OPENED: 10/3/2005, PHOTO: 5/30/2012, ORIGINAL VISIT: 1/10/2006


Woodland Mall - Center Court, Grand Rapids, Michigan

OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 5/30/2012, ORIGINAL VISIT: 1/10/2006


16th & US-31, Holland, Michigan

OPENED: 9/4/2018, PHOTO: 5/12/2019

This store features an amazing backlit mural!!!

Holland, US-31 & Riley, Holland, Michigan

OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 5/21/2005, ORIGINAL VISIT: 2/26/2005


Baldwin & Main, Jenison, Michigan

OPENED: 6/4/2020, PHOTO: 7/11/2020


Kentwood - Kalamazoo St & M-6, Kentwood, Michigan

OPENED: 7/26/2012, PHOTO: 3/7/2013

The landlord of this building colleges license plates, and he kindly offered to display several sets in this store, thus providing a unique and charming touch.

Muskegon, Sternberg & Harvey, Muskegon, Michigan

OPENED: ???, PHOTO: 4/3/2009, ORIGINAL VISIT: 2/26/2005

Walker, Alpine & Coventry, Walker, Michigan

OPENED: 10/5/2007, PHOTO: 8/15/2008

Byron Ctr & Metro Health Dr, Wyoming, Michigan

OPENED: 10/2/2006, PHOTO: 5/30/2012, ORIGINAL VISIT: 5/24/2007

Closed Stores
Note that some stores listed as closed are either relocations or changed ownership status from Starbucks to a licensee.
CLOSED - 31 December 2008 Rivertown Crossings
CLOSED - 26 September 2008 Greenville, W. Washington
CLOSED - 03 October 2008 Grandville, Canal & 44th
CLOSED - 07 August 2009 Walker, Wilson & Lake Michigan Dr.
CLOSED - 03 October 2008 Grandville, Canal & 44th

Licensed Stores (not operated by Starbucks or the primary/exclusive partner/licensee)
Family Fare-Grand Rapids/Breto
Meijer-Jenison #26
Teavana - Woodland
Amway Grand Plaza
D&W Fresh Market - Beltline
Family Fare #122-Holland, MI
Family Fare #123-Holland-South Wash
Family Fare Lake Michigan
Ferris State University
Forest Hills Foods - Grand Rapids,
GR Spectrum Health
Grand Valley State University - Pew
GRR - Grand Rapids Conc A, Food Crt
J.W.Marriott,Grand Rapids lobby rtl
Meijer-Grand Haven #180
Meijer-Grand Rapids #216
Meijer-Holland #47
Meijer-Holland Twp #217
Meijers-Grand Rapids #158
Meijers-Grand Rapids #50
Spartan - Breton Village #1571
Spartan - Breton Village #1572
Spartan - Cascade #1573
Spartan - Gaslight Village#1576
Spartan - Grand Haven #1570
Spartan- Holland #1574
Spartan-Cascade #1573
Target Grand Rapids North T-397
Target Grand Rapids T-2014
Target Holland T-1482
Target Norton Shores T-2327
Target Wyoming T-1052
GRR - Post Security Atrium
Family Fare Byron Center 119
Family Fare Wyoming 1580